Detox-in-a-Bottle by Nadine Tengco


You guys know about my Bohol trip this month with the hubby right? We will be staying at one of the beautiful resorts in Panglao. The beach in Panglao is very, very beautiful. Nakakahiya naman kung magtwo piece ako dun na hindi fit ang body ko. Dapat bati ang two piece ko and ang katawang lupa ko. Otherwise, hindi babagay sa background. Lol.

I have been exercising. Alam niyo na din yan. However, I feel that I need more help in losing weight pa.

Luckily I discovered the Detox-in-a-Bottle by Nadine Tengco.

Nadine Tengco is a US Certified Fitness Nutrintionist who designed the Detox-in-a-Bottle. The program was initially developed in 2009 for Nadine’s celebrity clients who were always in some weight loss “quick fix scheme” that often destroyed their metabolism. Nadine used to customize and prepare all the juices and soups for her clients but the demand grew bigger than she could handle. Today, the juices and soups are standardized and prepared by her partners and distributors.

What is Detox-in-a-Bottle?

“Detox-in-a-Bottle is a cleansing “kit” of fresh juices and soups rich in plant enzymes and phytonutrients. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in the vegetable cleansing soups and detox juices stimulate flushing that reduces oedema, cellular inflammation, and bloating.”

It has two kinds:

  • The Cleansing Formula which is ideal for re-setting the digestive system after indulging in unhealthy eating or drinking.
  • The Weigh Loss Formula which is developed for jumpstarting a weight loss program or breaking weight loss resistance with 2x the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying ingredients plus concentrated sources of Vitamins A, C, E, iron, magnesium, and amino acids. Aromatic herbs that are carminative (expels gas) and choleretic-cholagogue (stimulates bile and cleanses liver/gallbladder) are added in the powerful detoxifying mix.

I got the Cleanse Formula. Before starting the cleansed, I read about it first. Ayaw ko kasi yung mga chemicals chenes na yan. I was happy because everything was natural. Blended drinks — veggies and fruits. Gow.

The night before the day I started, this insulated bag with the bottles and soup was delivered at home:


The bottled drinks were numbered so it was very easy to know which one to drink next.

It came with instructions on how and when I’m supposed to drink it. Ganitech yun:

8am – Bottle 1: Energy Blast

10am- Bottle 2: Chili Lemongrass with Ground Flax

12noon – Soup with 1 digestive enzyme tablet: The soup differs per day. My favorite was the pumkin soup.

2pm – Bottle 3: Kidney Cleanse

4pm – Bottle 4: Liver Detox

6pm – Bottle 5: Gingerade

8pm – Bottle 6: Salad in a bottle

No solids for the entire three days. You have to drink 8 oz of distilled water after each drink. Just a reminder, you have to refrigerate the juices agad then put it back in the bag so that you can bring it to the office.

The next day, I went on with my normal day. Kung ano ginagawa ko sa isang araw at the office, hindi ko binago.

I was very excited to start the cleanse. In three days, I will see na agad the results!


The first bottle was the Energy Blast.




Remember to shake the bottle well before drinking it!

It was delicious. Actually, it’s my favorite amongst the 6 bottles. It tasted like bananas.

After drinking the first bottle, I placed all the other bottles in our pantry refrigerator to chill it.


Surprisingly, I felt full after drinking that bottle of juice. I became hungry na two hours after which was just in time for me to drink the Chili Lemonade with ground flax. To tell you the truth mothers, this variant was the hardest for me to drink. I don’t like chili kasi eh. Pero alam niyo naman ako, I will drink anything (basta safe and healthy) para lang pumayat. Lol.

The juices tasted really natural. Lasang lasa mo yung ginger, lemonade, fruits and vegetables. To be exact, the ingredients used for these detox juices and soups are: lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, basil, parsley, tarragon, spinach, wheatgrass, banana, pineapple, papaya, lemon, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, cayenne, stevia, pumpkin, bell pepper.

Healthy di ba?

Here are some of the observations I had during the three day cleanse.

1. On the first day, I felt the fatigue. I didn’t eat any solids eh. In the evening, my head was aching also. These reactions are called healing crises. These are caused by temporarily increased levels of toxins in the body due to elimination and cleansing. These symptoms are not serious and will quickly pass. Totoo naman. After I rested, the next day, okay na ako ulit. I felt lighter already. The second day was not as hard as the first one. I was able to go through my working days.

2. I pee’d a lot. Nothing changed with my bowel movement pero I realized that I kept on going to the toilet to pee. Normal daw yun.

3. I asked if I can eat something paghindi ko na talaga kaya. They said that I can eat daw konting preservative free rice crackers. These can be bought at healthy options.

4. You have to make sure that you drink a lot of distilled water during the three day cleanse.

5. After the third day, I felt very light. I weighed myself and found out that I lost 3 lbs na agad in that three days. Then parang hindi ako nakuntento, I weighed myself again after two days, ayun na nga, I lost 5 lbs all in all. Boom. Ang galing right?!

I recommend this 3 day cleanse to you guys. However, you have to check with you doctor if you have a chronic health problems. Pregnant and lactating women should also abstain from this cleanse.

The Weight Loss Formula costs Php 2,500 per day while the Cleanse Formula costs Php 2,000 per day.

To order, you can email them at or call them at +63917-5556479.

Gorabelles na yan! This can surely help you with your “Balik-Alindog” Project!

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  1. Mommy Fleur, I love your posts! Nakakatuwa, very natural and conversational!! Anyway, naghahanap ako ng juice cleanse ngayon kaya nagbabasa ako ng reviews. na-try niyo rin ba yung ibang juice cleanse brands tulad ng Juju Cleanse, Detoxifybar at Skinny Juicery?

  2. notofaddiets says:

    Hi, in my opinion po thats an example of fad diet po. aba natural talagang papayat ka kasi puro lng nmn yan tubig (water therapy w/ flavor) besides H2O has no calories it’s best padin kung susundin ung 1-2lbs lost of weight per week 🙂

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