Bag Loot and Where The Outlet Shops Are In Ontario

I made two booboos for this blog entry.

One, I wasn’t able to take photos of the bags that I got Wowa and my sister-in-law. Two, I wrote down the actual prices of each bags somewhere and now I lost it.


It’s so sayang because I wanna show you why I went gaga when I entered the Kate Spade store at the Toronto Premium Outlet Stores in Canada. I will be able to show you sana how cheap you can buy these bags! Majujustify sana yung pagka-loka loka ko na caught in video =D

Anyway, I will just try my best to estimate the original and the sale price, okies? I googled everything in the net. I tried my best to get the actual original retail prices.

Here we go.

This is the Kate Spade Keisha Blake Avenue Nylon Crossbody Bag in Black and Gold Tone.


The original price of that sling bag is around Php 8,600. I got it for around Php 2,500.

This is the Blake Avenue Small Loden Black Nylon Crossbody Satchel.


The original price of the bag is around Php 11,000. I got it for around Php 3,500.

This is the Ny Taden Blake Ave Nylon Black Tote Bag.


The original price is around Php 13,000. I got it for only around Php 4,000.

This is the Newbury Lane Felix Cherry Floral Blue Multi Cross Body Bag.


The orignal price is around Php 14,000. I got it for only Php 5,000.

This is the Mulberry Street Pyper Leather Black Cross Body Bag.


The original price is around Php 9,600. I got it for only around Php 3,000.

This Nine West bag was originally I think around Php 5,000 but I got it for less than Php 2,000.


I got this Tommy Hilfiger bag for around Php 3,000. It was on sale for 20%.


 The Kate Spade bag that I got for Wowa looks like this.

The original price was around Php 15,000 but I got it for only around Php 4,500.

I also got her this a Coach bag that looks like this.


The original price was around Php 19,000 but I got it for only around Php 5,000.

Ang mumura di ba? Gosh. You will love the outlet stores there in Ontario. The discounts were really fantastic. Less 60% plus less 20% more! That was seriously the first time I have experienced that much sale at any store ever.

There were also a lot of shoppers inside Tory Burch as well. Hindi ko na pinasok. Nagpigil na ako but the originally priced Php 10,000 bags were only Php 5,000. Winner talaga.

Here is the list of all outlet stores we went to when we were in Ontario, Canada.

  1. Toronto Premium Outlet – This was where I went crazy because it was the first outlet store we went to. They have Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Aldo, Calvin Klein, Gap, Michael Kors, Nine West, etc.
  2. Vaughan Mills – This is a one floor mall where halos lahat ng store ay outlets. Wala nga lang Tory Burch dito.
  3. Heartland Town Center
  4. Outlet Collection Niagara

So there you go guys. There are more outlet stores around Ontario. Google niyo na lang =) Happy shopping when you’re there!

Sombrero Sitcom: Canada Edition (With How I Reconciled With Tommy Hilfiger)


It’s been two weeks already since we arrived from Canada and I’m missing the place.

I also miss how it was just me, Alvin and Anika. I kept on complaining how they didn’t fix their clothes and how they kept on asking me where their things were but ngayon nami-miss ko yung ganun.

Tara nga. Mag-Sombrero Sitcom tayo.. Canada edition =)


Alvin and his cousin, Kuya Marlon, were talking about what kind of cars can be driven in Ontario given that grabe magsnow dun. Slippery ang road.

ALVIN: Yung sports car, kuya?

KUYA: Ay hindi talaga pwede yun pagWinter.

ALVIN: Bakit kuya, rare?

ME: Anong rare?

ALVIN: Rare wheel drive.

Ah RARE wheel drive. Parang steak lang.


We were at a food court of a mall in Mississauga. We were looking around where to buy our food.

ALVIN: Ano gusto mo kainin Babe?

ME: Gusto ko sana ng A&W. Wala nang A&W sa Manila eh.

We went our separate ways to buy our food. I came back carrying salad from another restaurant.

ALVIN: O akala ko gusto mo A&W?

ME: Mas pinili ko yung healthy kaysa A&W.

ALVIN: Wag mo piliin healthy. Piliin mo yung mas mura.

May tamang sense dun somewhere… =p


We were again in a mall. Alvin was outside because his relatives were going to pick us up. I wanted to pee so I went inside the mall to look for a toilet. I asked the concierge nasan ang mga toilets and they said they had one daw inside their department store. Pumunta ako sa department store.

Hanap ako ng hanap but I couldn’t find it. I saw two glamorous looking sales lady talking to each other. Nagtanong na ako.

ME: Excuse me, where are your toilets?

SALESLADY: We don’t sell toilets.



If you can remember back in 1996, there was a rumor that Tommy Hilfiger said, ‘If I had known that African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice,’ and ‘I wish those people would not buy my clothes – they were made for upper-class whites.’ (source). It was also rumored that he said it in front of Ophra and she kicked her out of the show.

Since 1996, I never bought anything from Tommy Hilfiger’s store. When Lolo Papa sent me Tommy Hilfiger shirts from Amsterdam for Christmas, I told him not to buy shirts from that designer because he was a racist.

I was like that until I read this article sometime the year: Digging Deeper – The Racism Scandal That Rocked Tommy Hilfiger.

Apparently, everything was just a rumor. It started out with an email and he has never guested at The Ophra Winfrey show before the rumors started. Ophra Winfrey herself validated that it wasn’t true when she finally guested Mr. Tommy Hilfiger.

All’s good na right? Pero ang Alvin, hindi pa nakaka-get over.

Alvin and I were at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store in Mississauga. Ang mura grabe. Everything was on sale. I went to look for polo shirts for Alvin. They were only around Php 700!

ME: Babe, alika ibibili kita ng madami! Pili ka ng colors! Ang mura.

ALVIN: Ayaw ko niyan Babe. Ayoko magsuot ng Tommy dahil sa mga sinabi niya dati.

ME: Rumors lang yun. Sige na pili ka na.

ALVIN: Ayoko nga.

ME: Babe, sayang naman. Ang mumura eh. Maganda pa tela.

ALVIN: Ayoko sabi eh.

Napikon na ako.

ME: Hindi nga totoo na sinabi niya yun eh! Nagsorry na nga yung tao! Ano pa ang gusto mo?!

Naks. Akala niyo soap opera eh ano?

Bringing Up Kids Is Hard


We didn’t have any tutor yesterday. I was the one who taught Anika her supposedly Mastery Tests today. I am thankful classes were suspended because we weren’t able to study well at all.

Nagiinarte ng nagiinarte ang Anika eh.

This is one of those times when I doubt myself kung napapalaki ko ba ng tama ang anak ko.

She’s so whiny. Konting kibot reklamo. Pagpinagalitan mo, iirap or sisimangot. Nakaka-inis! Though we make her study everyday, parang hindi ko madukdok yung study habits sa kanya. Puro talaga kasi reklamo. I remember when I was her age, during exam week, I was anxious to study. Gusto kong mag-aral kasi may exams. Pero etong si Anika hindi. Although she’s getting high grades, I am worried baka chamba lang. Kailangan talaga ng bata ang good study habits. Dadalhin niya yun paglaki niya.

I was telling her that she should study to take advantage that she’s attending one of the best schools in the country. Hindi kako lahat ng bata nagkaka-opportunity ng ganito. Yung ibang kids hindi nakakapag-aral at all. In short, I want her to realize na swerte siya.

I don’t know if bata pa kasi or what pero parang hindi nagsisink-in yung mga sinasabi ko eh.

I was telling Alvin, ang lakas kasi ng self-entitlement ni Anika eh. I think for her, everything that she has is normal. Based on my experience and sa mga taong kilala ko, madalang maging successful ang mga taong mataas ang self-entitlement sa katawan.

Natatakot tuloy ako.

Like today, classes were cancelled. I called her three times to tell her to study for her CLE test. Oo daw. When I got home, she didn’t study. I was told she had her friends over.

Nagalit ako mga bakla.

I asked for huge garbage bags. I made her sit down in a corner and watch me put all her toys inside. I told her that she doesn’t deserve all the nice toys and nice things if she doesn’t know how to obey her parents.

Iyak ng iyak. Tinatawag yung mga stuffed toys niya na nasa loob ng garbage bags. I’m so mean daw.

Hinayaan ko nga. Hindi ko lang masyadong winasiwas yung buong room because naaawa ako dun sa yaya niya na magliligpit eventually.

I told her she’s grounded until Monday. No toys, no yaya, no TV and she cannot get anything in her room. I’m just curious anong laro gagawin nito sa weekend.

We studied. Hikbi ng hikbi.

ME: Why are you still crying?

ANIKA: I feel that you don’t like me anymore.

ME: That’s true. I don’t like you very much now.

ANIKA: I feel like you don’t love me anymore.

ME: Hay naku Anika. Gasgas na yan. Hindi na ako naaapektuhan sa ganyang drama. You’re only saying that para hindi na ako magalit. Study. After we study, we will talk again.

True enough habang we were studying parang wala na sa bagets. Tumatawa na parang walang atraso sa akin.

She said sorry while we were taking a bath together a while ago. Sorry daw for fighting with me. Sorry daw for not following me. She can’t handle it daw when I’m mad at her.

I told her okay but she shouldn’t do it again. I told her that I will not take out from the garbage bags her toys until I see that she’s obeying me. Okay daw. Ang pakiusap lang niya is that she can sleep with Candy, her stuffed bear. I agreed because she really can’t sleep without hugging that bear. I told her she’s still grounded. Okay lang daw. It will give her time daw to jump on the bed. Hindi ko gets.

Eto ngayon siya katabi ko, nakasiksik sa akin. Ang lambing.

Napakahirap magpalaki ng anak. I’m thinking naman baka kami din ni Alvin ang may kasalanan why she’s like that. Though for the record ha, mabait si Anika. She is very thoughtful. Hindi pala-away. Maawain sa tao and animals. Our concern nga lang is that since she’s the only child and the only grandchild in my side of the family, she is very doted on by everyone. Tapos bibo pa siya. Talaga naman ang praises eh left and right. Lumalaki ang ulo. Mahirap na.

I came across this article Seven Parenting Behaviors That Stop Children From Being Successful.

I posted it in the Mommy Fleur Blog FB page. Have you read it? Eto daw ang mga yun:

  1. We do not let our children experience risk.
  2. We rescue too quickly.
  3. We rave too easily.
  4. We let guilt get in the way of leading well.
  5. We don’t share our past mistakes.
  6. We mistake intelligence, giftedness and influence for maturity.
  7. We don’t practice what we preach.

Alvin and I are guilty of some of those behaviors. Lalong lalo na yujng we rescue too quickly. Maawain talaga kasi ako sa lahat, what more pa to my only child?

I will take note of these seven behaviors from now on. I also want to stress that communication between you and your child is also very important. Kailangan you explain to them why you are mad or why you are like that to them pagpinapagalitan niyo. Do not make them guess. Masyado pa silang immature to understand yung point niyo. Explain lang all the time. After everthing, I always assure Anika that even if we fight or even if I get mad at her, hindi nagbabago ang love ko sa kanya.

For me, important na alam ng mga anak natin yan.

This Weekend Grind

My weekend started with a boxing session at the Elorde Boxing Gym at Magallanes.


The gym is right beside Cafe Breton in Paseo De Magallanes. I checked it out last Wednesday when I met up with Pineda for dinner. They opened daw last end of September lang. Since may coding na sa Paranaque and there is no window time, I will go boxing na lang.

Ang sarap magboxing. It’s been a while. Tagaktak talaga ang pawis. The guy assisting me made me do some cross fit eklaver kaya naman sulit na sulit my first day of boxing. I was just praying that sana makagalaw pa ako the next day. I was expecting to be so sore pero thankfully hindi naman. Madami ako nagawa yesterday. I felt so good!

The next day, I was able to accomplish a couple of things. I was able to open the stuff sent to my house and take photos of them so I can share them with you.


And I was able to go out too!

I thought kasi hindi ako makakalabas because Anika had fever the night before. The next morning, wala na. Good, sabi ko. I was due for a haircut and a mani-pedi. Inaya ko si Pineda. Sabi ko pupuntahan namin si Rexcie because I finally found him!

Here’s what I wore yesterday:


Top: UNIQLO; Shorts: MANGO; Sandals: RENEGADE FOLK; Sunglasses: RAYBAN

To all of you who are looking for my dearest hairdresser, Rexcie is now with Coco Grace Salon.

Coco Grace Salon is a new salon. It is located at the second floor of The Link Parking building in Makati. It’s right in front of Landmark.


I just told Rexcie that I want my hair to have body. Ang long and losyang na niya eh. Rexcie worked on it for a couple of minutes. I love how my hair turned out after!


Napakagaling niya talaga. I will go back the weekend after next for the Keratin Treatment and hair color. Yun ang masasabi kong mga sulit na treatments for the hair. Tumatagal yung magagandang “I woke up like this” feeling eh.

Rexcie also cut Pineda’s hair. It turned out really nice.


I told her sana magsuklay siya more often kasi sayan naman yung gupit niya. Lol.

Pineda and I had lunch at Friday’s after our salon appointment to celebrate her birthday the day before. I asked for the birthday dessert minus the singing. Ayaw ni Pineda nun. At that moment I realized how different I am talaga from her. She doesn’t want to be in the lime light. Samantalang ako, I told the waitress that was assigned to us, “Ate, yung birthday dessert na lang na may candle for her ha? Gusto ko lang talaga siya picturan while blowing it. Wag na kayo kumanta for her. Ayaw niya nun. Bumawi na lang kayo sa birthday ko. Gusto ko yun. Lahat kayo kakanta for me.”


After that I went home na because Alvin called to say mataas lang ang lagnant ni Anika.

ME: Don’t panic Babe.

ALVIN: Hindi ako nagpapanic!

ME: Bakit ka kanina pa sumisigaw?

ALVIN: Mataas nga lagnat ni Anika eh!

ME: Okay. Relax. Ano temperature niya?

ALVIN: Hindi ko pa alam.

ME: Eh paano mo sinabi na mataas lagnat niya?

ALVIN: Hinawakan ko tapos mainit.


Nahimasmasan yata.

ALVIN: Teka, kunin ko temperature gamit thermometer. Itetext na lang kita.

Nakakaloka. Nakakaloka ang pagka-praning ng asawa ko. Though understandable dahil unica hija, pero nakakaloka nevertheless.

Anyway, I have news.

Since Anika missed three weeks of school and it’s her midterms next week, Alvin and I decided to get her a tutor. Hindi na kami nakapag-canvass. I immediately contacted the tutor that Faye’s co-teacher recommended the day we arrived from Canada.

Her rate is Php 1,500 per hour. One session yun per day. Muntikan ako mahulog sa upuan ko.

Ganun na daw ang rates ng mga tutors ngayon. Sila yung mga Early Childhood Education graduates. They teach in international schools and usually foreigners yung mga tinuturuan nila sa tutor.

Pinatos ko na mga bakla. Wala akong makuha eh I need it badly. I have no more time to look for others.


Anika already had two sessions with her.

Grabe, for me, sulit ang Php 1,500 ko sa kanya. She comes over and teach Anika. Instead of me being stressed and all dahil exam week, nakakapagrelax ako.

Napakasarap ng feeling guys ng hindi ngarag.

I was also monitoring them. Anika was having fun studying. Nakakatuwa.


Nakapag-edit ako ng mga photos for the blog. I was able to catch up ano namiss ni Anika na school work. Nagawa ko yung mga special projects niya. I was able to have my haircut and my manicure-pedicure. Nakapag-analyze ako ano ano ang kailangan bilhin for the house. Naayos ko yung cabinet ko. Hindi ako nagpalpitate. Most importantly, hindi ako grouchy when Alvin arrived home.

I love it.

I gave her tutor yesterday one pack of Quaker Oats for her to try sa sobrang tuwa ko sa kanya =)

Pero don’t get me wrong. She won’t tutor Anika everyday. Ngayon lang kasi she missed a lot of lessons. A couple of meetings before her Mastery Tests. Mamumulubi ako if everyday.

I plan to get her again during the next Mastery Tests and Anika’s Final Exams week.

Pwede na yun.

Kinompute ko eh. Wag lang ako magStarbucks ng isang linggo, magkakaron ako ng pambayad for one session. So hindi na muna ako magsa-Starbucks para makapag-ipon. Hahahahaha!

Kayo, how was your weekend?

Canada Hits Day 7: The Distillery District

One of the tourist spots that we visited in Ontario was The Distillery District in Toronto.

From Wikipedia:

The Distillery District is a commercial and residential district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Located east of downtown, it contains numerous cafés, restaurants, and shops housed within heritage buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery. The 13 acres (5.3 ha) district comprises more than forty heritage buildings and ten streets, and is the largest collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture in North America.

The district was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1988.


The sun was out and it was warm. It was a pretty day to be out.

This was my outfit of the day:


Top: MANGO; Shorts: STRADIVARIUS; Sneakers: KEDS; Bag: LONGCHAMP; Sunglasses: RAYBAN







I took photos of this building because this is the first time I’ve seen a high rise building in stilts!






During the holidays daw, they hang out here. There will be Christmas lights everywhere and a bonfire.









It was great sana if we could have gone beer tasting. Kaso lang, the bagets was with us. We will definitely go back to have drinks here =)

#RocketFastLTE from Smart Prepaid

Good news to all Smart prepaid subscribers!


Smart is now introducing the Smart LTE Prepaid SIM!

Yeah! Fast internet everywhere, babies! You can now enjoy streaming your favorite shows, films and music. For only Php 40, you get a LTE-ready SIM. It’s triple cut so it can fit in all kinds of phones. It comes with FREE 50MB data per month for six months! You can also get free 100MB data per month for a minimum accumulated P100 worth of reloads for 6 months.

Ang bongga lang talaga =)

You can buy these in your nearest Smart stores or from card distributors nationwide.

You may also visit  for more details.

#AnikasBaonToday: School Week Number 6

A lot of people tell me that I am very masipag in making Anika’s baon. I just always say thanks. I do not do it out of whatever. Gusto ko lang din talagang gawin ito for Anika. For all my single friends, you will understand once you have kids na. Kids can really change you eh. Alam niyo yan.

Check out the snacks and lunch that I made Anika on her 6th week of school in first grade.

For Merienda: Cheese spread sandwich, chocolate covered pretzels, gummy bears and gummy worms
For Lunch: Sausage, scrambled eggs and rice


For Merienda: Cheese bread from Pan De Manila, Oreo and Hello Panda
For Lunch: Homemade meatballs and rice


For Merienda: Pan de sal with Coco jam, Oatmeal cookies and gummy bears


For Merienda: Choco Chip cookies, macaroons, chiffon cake slice
For Lunch: Nuggets and rice


For Merienda: Crinkles, macaroons and cheese cupcake
For Lunch: Purefoods chicken nuggets and rice


Friday Chikahan

Mga bakla, tingnan niyo.


Top: UNDER ARMOUR; Shorts: FOREVER 21; Shoes: NIKE

Payat ako diyan ano?

I was surprised because I was expecting to gain weight after our vacation. Bakasyon eh. I’m thankful though na nag-diarrhea ako before we left. May puhunan. Hindi ganun tataba in Canada. But I never expected to lose weight.

Thinking about it, alam ko na din siguro bakit pumayat ako. Ang mahal ng food sa Canada when you covert it to peso. Alvin and I always share food. Gigantic naman din kasi the serving pero dahil controlled ang portions, you do not overeat. Sometimes, I don’t order anymore because I just finish Anika’s food. She always orders pancit. Eh I don’t like pancit, so I don’t get to eat much too.

And there’s the shopping.

If I analyze, 75% of the time in Ontario was spent shopping. Lakad kami ng lakad. Ako, ikot ako ng ikot. Compute ako ng compute ng conversion ng mga bags, shoes and clothes. Malakas maka-burn siguro ng calories yung combination ng physical and mental exercise.


I hope I can maintain this weight. I hope I can control what I eat here. I exercise but 90% ng pagpapapayat is what you eat.

Kailangan ko na ubusin lahat ng tsokolate sa bahay. Kailangan mawala na ang mga yon.

Anyway, last night, our pocket Family Computer order from Janis arrived.


I’ve posted this in Instagram last weekend. My goddaughter, Jam, brought it with her when they went to our house. Nilaro ko. Hindi ko matigilan. Sobra maka-nostalgic.

Alvin told me I can buy one. I also got one from Arnaiz kasi naglambing. Ipapadala ko sa Amerika.

Kagabi, I was never able to get to play this game. Ayaw bitawan ni Alvin. Napaka-daya!

Now I know why he told me to buy it. Lekat na yan.

If you want to order this, you can order it from Janis. PM her in her FB. Search her na lang, Janis Roa Milan-Dilao. This costs Php 2,300 only. It includes built in 472 games, additional cartridge, extra controller and you can connect it to your TV para dun na kayo maglaro.


So dun sa mga batang tulad ko na walang ganito dati, yung mga laging nag-aabang lang for their turn to play always, this is your chance to buy one for yourself. Hahaha!

Happy weekend guys!

Always Check All Your Total Bill Before Paying: THE ENDING

Here na is the ending to my 11k grocery bill.

Promise niyo po wag niyo akong sasakalin.

The other day, minutes after I posted my blog post about the grocery bill, I received an email from the General Manager of Pioneer Center Supermarket. He told me that they came across my post and they would like to investigate what happened to my receipt. He gave me his office number and his personal mobile phone number. He also told me if I could come by their office on my free time so we can discuss what happened. He also asked me for my contact number so that they can call me.

In short, they were really proactive in contacting me and resolving this case.

I went to their office yesterday. I brought the receipt with me. I met the General Manager. Their General Manager is a middle aged guy. He was actually very pleasant and nice.

He told me that they had the receipt checked daw as soon as they saw my post.

Tama naman daw the total. The 6k was a computer glitch. Nagkaron ng glitch yung sa side ng service provider nila. For some strange reasons, nag total somewhere in the middle yung computer and it showed in the receipt.


Wait, whut?!

Tama daw the total of all the items that I bought. 11 thousand pesos!

The fuzz!!!

In fairness to me ha, I attempted to compute the bill manually. However, may mga items there na ang price ay 0.345 @ Php 380. Something like that. Hindi ko na tinuloy ang pagcompute because I saw the 6k vs the 11k. I assumed mali talaga ang binayaran ko.

My assumption was wrong.

Ang kamote kamote ko. Repeat that one hundred times.

“Really?!”, yan lang ang nasabi ko kay General Manager.

The General Manager offered to re-compute manually. And he did it in front of me. It took him around 10 minutes to do it because ang haba nung list.

Php 11,780.28

Nahiya ako. Like sobra sobra.

I expected them to get really annoyed at me.

But no.

They were super duper bait.

They were really apologetic about the 6k appearing in the bill. It wasn’t supposed to appear daw. That was the one that made it so confusing. They thanked me because I brought it to their attention because they will be able to correct it. They will refer it to their service provider para ayusin.

They told me na sana I would still go back to their grocery. I told them yes because they really have a lot of products that you cannot find in other grocery stores.

They told me that they are very sensitive about these concerns. Pagmay concern daw ang customer, they really put time on it and try to resolve it agad. They do not want naman daw their customers to think na may daya or something in their grocery store. They have been in the business for so long and they are patronized by a lot of people. They do not want to lose the trust of the people.

This is why I am posting this blog entry.

I want to apologize for the commotion that I made.  Tama naman the total price of the items that I bought. Pioneer Centre has apologized to me for the computer glitch.

If I can give an example to my staff how to perform the right customer service to a complaining client, ieexample ko talaga ang General Manager ng Pioneer Centre.

He was pleasant all throughout our meeting. Even though may fault din talaga ako, he was very humble. He kept on saying thank you and he also kept apologizing for the glitch.

So that’s it.

Ano ang learnings ko dito?


I will also include na din the tip na, ALWAYS COUNT YOUR CHANGE BEFORE LEAVING THE STORE. I don’t do that all the time. Pagkasukli sa akin, lagay na agad ako sa wallet. Money is money. Pinaghihirapan natin yan. Wag natin sayangin.

So there.

To end, I would like to thank the General Manager and management of Pioneer Centre Supermarket for clearing up everything. Thank you for being very professional and nice.

Canada Hits Day 5: Our Wedding Anniversary Day! (Niagara Falls Tour)

Good morning everyone!

Apart from that malicious grocery bill that I had, I have not blogged that much yet.

Pasensya na mga bakla.

Jetlag sucks.

When I get home, I’m so sleepy that it’s really a struggle to be awake, eat dinner and wash for bed.

I can’t blog during the day because of work. I have 500 plus emails to check and tons of work to finish. Three weeks ang binabawi ko na trabaho kasi.


Anyway, I hope y’all bear with me because I wanna tell you all about our Ontario vacation!

I’ll pick it up from our anniversary day.

Last September 19, we were in Niagara. Alvin and I just had our mandatory picture taking with the Niagara Falls behind us. Kailangan ma-document na nasa Niagara kami on our 7th wedding anniversary!


This is one of the most memorable anniversary getaway that we have.

In the morning, we went to Tim Hortons to have breakfast. It was sunny and warm outside so I was able to wear a dress. Here’s my outfit of the day that day.


Dress: SEEK THE UNIQ; Sneakers: KEDS; Bag: LONGCHAMP; Sunglasses: RAYBAN

Eto naman ang kay bagets.


Top: MANGO KIDS; Leggings: H&M KIDS; Rubber shoes: NIKE; Sunglasses: Dickies

It was super duper warm so I changed into a more presko attire.


Dress: MANGO; Sneakers: KEDS

Napaka-init mga bakla. I got a tan from walking around. It was hot but it wasn’t humid. Mas okay maglakad lakad in this weather compared pagmainit sa Manila.

When you are in Niagara, you HAVE to go on a boat tour of the falls. We took the Hornblower Niagara Boat Cruise. The ticket sells at $19.95 each for adults and $12.25 for kids 5 to 12 years old. Kids under 4 years old are free. If you convert to Philippine Peso, the adult tickets cost around Php 700 while the kids tickets are around Php 400. Anika looked like 4 years old so she went in for free.

The ticket prices were not that bad compared to the experience on the water cruise. For 20 minutes, they will really take you around the three falls (American, Bridal Veil and Canadian Horseshoe Falls). Lalapit kayo. You will get wet because of the mist but they will give you these plastic raincoats to wear. Hindi na kayo mababasa. Ingatan niyo lang ang mga kilay niyo kasi may tendency na mabura.

It was super nice!





Si Anika hindi natuwa. She was crying the whole time because she was scared. Akala daw niya kasi aakyat dun sa falls then ibabaksak! Kaloka. Maybe she will get to enjoy the ride when she’s a bit older.

The Niagara Falls is a sight to behold talaga.


There was this park in front where we stayed and made tambay. Anika and her cousins played there.


After the boat cruise, we went to Niagara-On-The-Lake.

From Wikipedia:

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a Canadian town in Southern Ontario where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario in the Niagara Region of the southern part of the province of Ontario. It is across the Niagara River from Youngstown, New York, US. It is the only town in Canada that has a Lord Mayor.

On the way, we passed by this pretty giant flower clock.



The Niagara-on-the-Lake is a beautiful town. Ang old school. Alvin and I wanted to spend the night there to immerse ourselves in their culture. Gusto namin to have time to go around, tumambay and to experience what it’s like living there. There are plenty of hotels and bed and breakfasts. Hindi na namin napush because the travel time is one hour from Mississauga by car. Nahihiya kami magpahatid sundo. If wala kasing car, pwede naman to take the bus. Yun lang, we have to carry our suitcase papunta sa hotel. Wala namang commute dun.

So, we just went around the main street for a couple of minutes.






When we got back, we dropped Anika at Alvin’s relatives’ house so we can prepare for a date.

Yesssss!!! Finalehhhhh!

Bihira ako i-date ng asawa ko pero I was very happy he took me out on an anniversary dinner date in Ontario!! Here’s what I wore:


Top: ZARA; Pants: MANGO; Shoes: NINE WEST

Actually, I bought that top from Zara nung May pa. Sabi ko I will buy it so I can wear it when the time finally comes na ayain ako ni Alvin magdate. Wag lang kako sana ma-aya niya ako eh laos na ang off-shoulders na top sa world na ito. Lol! Hindi ko naman akalain na dun pa pala kami sa Canada magkakaron ng chance makapag-date night!

“Worth the wait!”, sabi ng top ko.


We had dinner at Snug Harbor in Mississauga. This restaurant is beside a lake.


We chose a table outside, just beside the lake. It was romantic. I love that the weather cooperated with my off-shouldered top. Hindi ako nagkaroon ng pneumonia at hindi din ako nangisay sa lamig.


We had chicken and steak. Alvin had beer while I had wine.

It was a perfect ending to a perfect wedding anniversary day!