Canada Hits Day 5: Niagara Falls and Clifton Hills

Niagara is a 45 minute drive from Mississauga. Akala niyo malapit pero malayo yan. There’s no traffic kasi here. Derederecho ang biyahe.

We ate breakfast at the Gateway Niagara.


Then passed by the outlet stores along the way. This was my outfit of the day.


Top: MANGO; Lace shorts: STRADIVARIUS; Shoes: KEDS; Bag: LONGCHAMP; Sunglasses: Rayban

Do not mind the tummy area. The wind blew my shirt just in time the photo was taken. Eto na ang pinaka-matinong shot. At nagexplain ako talaga eh ano? Hahahaha! This was Anika’s naman.


Top: MANGO KIDS; Jumper: MOTHERCARE; shoes; NIKE; Sunglasses: SM Kids; Hairpiece: CLAIRE’S

Grabe teh. Wasakan ng wallet ang peg dito sa Ontario. There are so many outlet stores! Alvin got Anika a pair of Jordan Nike rubbershoes. Hindi ko alam sino ang mas natuwa, si Anika ba or si Alvin. It only cost around Php 2,000.


I asked him if baka same price lang yan sa Manila. Alvin said he’s not sure pero wala daw siyang makitang ganyan for kids.

I always ask him that, you know. Baka kasi natutuwa lang siya magshop dito ng magshop. I always tell him to compare prices. Nonsense kasi naman bili ng bili here then meron pala sa Manila at the same price. Okay magshop dito pero dapat yung good deal talaga na hindi mo makukuha in Manila yung presyo and yung kind of item. Just like the Kate Spade, Tori Burch, Coach and MK bags.

Di ba?!

I also don’t buy clothes that much here. Except for the BEBE slinky top that I got for around Php 1k lang, I dont’ buy. Ang ganda talaga kasi eh nung top and naka-sale ng 50% off kaya I got it. But other than that, I don’t buy too much clothes.

I buy the Bath and Body lotions here because they do not have the variants here in Manila. Yung MAC lipsticks din. They have shades here that they do not have in Manila.

Nagiisip ako ng wagas before I buy.

I know. Hindi po ako sinasapian ng alien. I have to think that way otherwise, ubos talaga ang pera mo here.


In Niagara, we stayed at Crowne Plaza hotel. It was so fancy and it’s just like a 5 minute walk away from the Niagara Falls.


This is our room.



Starbucks and free coffee nila!




After checking in, we walked na to see the Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is one of the seven wonders of the world.


Comparing to the time I saw the Mona Lisa painting in Louvre Museum, eto talaga I was overwhelmed. It was breathtaking. The photos do not give the falls’ beauty justice.

This is the falls on the USA side. The border’s actually near where we are na. Sising-sisi ako why I listened to Alvin not to get US visas yet. Grrrr! Sana nakapag-New York kami from here.


This is the part of the falls in the Canada side.


Here’s what it looks like when you wanna see them both at the same time.


I stood there staring at the falls for the longest time.

Gaya gaya sa emote ko si Sombrero


The weather was perfect at 20+ degrees Celsius. Nakapag-ice cream pa ang bagets.




After Anika and her Ate Nicky took a dip in the hotel pool, we checked out Clifton Hills. Nandito yung mga attractions around the place.







After dinner around 10pm, we went back to the falls because we wanted to check out how it looks like at night.

It was amazing and the fireworks made it more fantastic.





Mas nakaka-inspire to work hard to have vacations like these.

Konting Kwento Saglit

Ang pogi ng asawa ko.

But he can drive me really crazy sometimes.

Kailangan talaga may positive muna na sabihin eh. Hahahaha!


Like the day before we left for Canada. I have been telling him to please have a haircut already. Ayaw ko kako mukha siyang buhaghag when he meets his cousins who he hasn’t seen for the longest time.

When I got home the night before we were to leave, nakita ko nandun sa sala, nakahilata. Hindi pa din nagpapagupit.

ME: Babe! Ano ka ba? Sinabi ko na magpagupit ka na eh!

ALVIN: Nagpagupit na nga ako!


ME: Anong nagpagupit?! Ang kapal kapal pa niyang buhok mo eh!

ALVIN: Nagpagupit na nga ako! Sabi ko iklian dito sa gilid and sa harap. Wala pang five minutes, tapos na daw. Singkwenta lang yung bayad, hindi na ako nagreklamo.


And now we are here in Canada, lalong sumasakit ang bangs ko.

It’s only been a week but I have never missed our kasambahay this much. Walang katulong dito, guys!

Every morning, I have to bathe Anika. I have to fix the bed and the pull out bed of Anika. Dalawa ang comforter so yun isa taklob and yung isa fold. Mabigat. I have to fix our things all the time because Anika and Alvin throws them everywhere. I do the laundry. I fold the newly washed clothes.

One day,

ANIKA: Nanay, where’s my tab?

ME: On the table.

ALVIN: Babe nasan yung medyas ko?

ME: Nasa maleta.

ANIKA: Nanay, where’s my jacket?

ME: On the bed.

ALVIN: Babe, nasan yung salamin ko?

ME: Nasa bag ko.

ANIKA: Nanay, where’s my new shoes?

ME: In the box pa din, anak.

ALVIN: Babe, nakita mo yung white ko na belt?

I lost it.

‘Teh! Parang dalawa ang anak ko!

ME: Babe, seriously you have to help me. Nakaka-inis ka because alam mo naman na hindi ako sanay sa gawaing bagay. Sumasabay ka pa kay Anika ng tanong ng tanong. Carry your own weight!

ALVIN: Babe, kailangan  mo lang akong utusan.

ME: I do not need to tell you what to do. Kusa dapat yun!

Like last night, when I tell him that I will be doing the laundry, biglang majejebs.

Di ba?!

ALVIN: Bakit ba? Ginagawan naman kita ng kape every morning.

Yeah. Pero ako pa din talaga yung nagtitimpla noh! Sinasalin lang niya talaga from the coffee maker to the cup!

Last night, napuyat ako kaka-ayos ng magugulong clothes in their suitcases. Autumn na kasi so I kept na the summer clothes and I fixed na the rambol rambol na mga damit. Pagbukas ko ng suitcase ni Alvin, akala mo nag-kagera eh. Tapos halo halo! The clothes that he already wore, binabalik sa suitcase! Emergerd.

Are all men like this?

I miss my kasambahay so much.

The real winner was last night.

I went down for breakfast.

ME: I’m so tired!

ALVIN: Bakit?

ME: Nagtupi ako ng comforter.

ALVIN: May comforter?!

Take note, more than one week na kami gumagamit ng comforter dito!


That’s all. Bow.

Canada Hits Day 3: Marche Restaurant

We are pretty liking it here in Canada. Lalo na si Anika, ayaw na umuwi.

We caught summer so it was warm but not humid. Ang sarap maglakad lakad under the sun. Yun lang, you will not notice na nasusunog ka na. So I’m so tan already. Tan and fat. Hahaha!

It’s also so clean here. Like everywhere.

Everybody’s so disciplined too. Walang nagoover speeding. All cars stop for the pedestrians. All cars stop at intersections.

There are tissue paper rolls in all toilets.

Everybody is nice. I’ve never come across a stranger na antipatika or a sales person na unhelpful. They help you even if you don’t ask for it.

Food here is so good. Tim Horton is masarap. I hope they’ll open a store in Manila. Makakalaban nila ang Starbucks there. The servings of the food here is so big. Alvin, Anika and I share one order lang. Hindi sa nagtitipid but nasasayang ang food if we order separately. Ang strawberries dito are a different breed. Ang lalaki and sweet. Anika loves eating them. She eats cereals with milk and strawberries every morning. I hope she gains weight here.

I will not even start about the shopping. Wasakan ng wallet dito in the outlet stores, guys. I called Wowa na for back up just in case. Hahahaha! Best in support naman ang lola niyo. San daw niya ipapadala yung pera. Hahahaha! Enabler na enabler talaga basta shopping!

Anyway, one of the nice restaurants we’ve been to is the Marche Restaurant in Toronto.

It is inside this beautiful building.



From their website:

Marché is a marketplace-style restaurant located inside Brookfield place in downtown Toronto with a dedication to freshness, home-made recipes, and “on the spot” preparation of seasonal and regional products – an experience for all of your senses. 

Featuring 8 unique food stations, including Italian, Asian, Grill, Seafood, Green Island, Fruit Island, Beverage Bar, and a Café, there is something to please everyone.

Ang cool sa restaurant na yan, mga muthers.

When you enter, they give you a “credit card” like card. Wala pang bayad. You go around and get food. Parang food court. Whenever you get food, you will hand that card to the person. Isa-swipe niya yun. Then after eating, before you go out of the restaurant, you will hand the card to the cashier, saka ka magbabayad.

Astig ang concept di ba?

Here are the photos of the food there.









Wait. I suddenly remember now.

Parang Todd’s English Food Hall itey. Self service nga lang in Marche.

Try it here when you’re in Toronto =)

Canada Hits Day 3: CN Tower Dinner

On the evening of our third day, Alvin’s Uncle and Aunt treated us to a dinner at the CN Tower in Toronto.

Toronto is a 30-40 minute drive from Mississauga. Para yun yung central business district nila in Ontario.

Here’s what I wore to dinner. When they said that we had to dress up, I bought new shoes from Nine West. Mura lang siya at the Outlet Stores.



The CN tower has 115 floors. It stands for Canadian National Tower.


From wikipedia:

The CN Tower is a 553.33 m-high concrete communications and observation tower in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Built on the former Railway Lands, it was completed in 1976, becoming the world’s tallest free-standing structure and world’s tallest tower at the time. It held both records for 34 years until the completion of Burj Khalifa andCanton Tower in 2010. Since then, it became the 3rd tallest tower in the world and remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, a signature icon of Toronto’s skyline, and a symbol of Canada, attracting more than two million international visitors annually.

The restaurant on top is actually rotation (very slowly) so you would be able to have 360 degree view of Toronto while you’re dining.




Food’s great too! Fancy shmancy! =)













When ordering, they have set meals. You can choose from a 2 or 3 course meal. The 2 course meal is 65 Canadian dollars while the 3 course meal is 79 Canadian dollars. This already includes the entrance fee for the glass floor.

Anika and I shared the ice cream and cookie dessert for kids.


This is the glass floor viewing deck. Nakakangilo pero keribelles. Nakahilata diyan ang mga tourists while having their photos taken. I wonder how they made the glass flooring. I checked it out here.


We went down to their shops to get some souvenirs. Nandun sa Instagram ko yung video ng elevator ride. The elevator had a glass flooring too.



Anika and her cousin met Spiderman outside the CN Tower.


We went to this place in front of the City Hall to take some photos and para magchikahan while waiting for the others to arrive so we can have dessert in Marche Restaurant.


Anika taught her cousins how to speak in Filipino while we were waiting.



The Marche restaurant was just a short ride from there. I will tell you about that in another post. Ang cool kasi ng restaurant =)

Canada Hits Day 1: Toronto Premium Outlets

Our first stop on our first day here in Ontario was the Outlet Stores in Milton, Mississauga.

Unang araw pa lang, shopping na!

I was so excited!

Outfit of the day:


Top: GIORDANO BASICS; Pants: H&M; Shoes: KIDS; Bag: KATE SPADE; Sunglasses: KATE SPADE

When we entered, I saw Kate Spade right away. Pinasok ko agad agad!


Eto ba naman kasi yung naka-paskil sa labas eh!


I went inside and went around. I computed the discount on the bags. Bale, less 60% off on the tag price then less 20& off pa after! There were some bags na discounted na pero you still apply the 60% and 20% discount after!

I went out of the store where Alvin, Anika, Alvin’s cousin and his kids were waiting for me.

ME: Babe! OMG sale sa loob!

ALVIN: Sige lang, Babe.

I went back inside. I went around. Hindi talaga ako magkanda ugaga! Even the accessories were on sale too! Lumalabas yung mga bracelets, less than 1k na lang! Ang dami kong gustong bilhin!

Lumabas ako ulit kay Alvin.

ME: OMG talaga Babe! Ang dami sa loob! Babalik naman tayo dito di ba?!

I went inside the store ulit and went around. Grabe talaga. Ang dami! Naghyperventilate ako.

I went out again.

Alvin was laughing at me.

ALVIN: O bakit Babe?

ME: Teka. Hindi ko kinaya. Sobrang sale talaga.


I was laughing and crying at the same time. I was so overwhelmed.

Hindi ko inakala na ganito ang mararamdaman ko. Never kasi nagsale ang Kate Spade sa Manila ng ganito.

Grabe lang. Alvin’s Kuya Marlon said na nasira daw ako that day. He was laughing also kasi he has never seen anybody na nagkaganito.

Alvin took photos of me. Kaloka siya.



I cannot explain talaga. I wasn’t emotionally ready.

I took a deep breath and went inside again.

Game. Shopping time na.


There were sling bags for only Php 1,500. The wallets were also in that price range. Yung mga Php 15,000 na bags normally sa Manila, around Php 7,000 na lang dito. It’s really a lot cheaper when you buy them here. Way, way cheaper talaga!


Nagdahan dahan ako ng slight. We will be going to other outlet stores daw. There are IKEA and President’s Choice stores pa. Baka maubusan ako ng pocket money and luggage space.

So konti muna. Saka na aariba ng bongga.

There’s Nike here too. Broken sizes nga lang so chamba chamba.


I was able to buy Anika this pair of pink Nike sneakers at only Php 1,200.


There was also Tory Burch. Babalikan ko na lang ito. The store was on sale too.



When I converted, yung mga 10k bags, around 5k na lang here. Kabog talaga.

I’m sure over baggage kami nito pauwi. I am actually expecting it na!

For those of you na mga nagpapabili, pasensya na guys if hindi ako maka-yes agad. It’s only been 5 days but ang dami dami ko na talagang napamili. There are more than 21 days pa until we go back to Manila. Baka hindi na ako maka-accommodate ng luggage space.

Next time siguro? =)

I’ll keep you posted!

Canada Hits Day 1: The Arrival

It’s so nice here.

The weather’s not that cold, like winter cold, but it’s enough to feel na nasa Canada ka nga. People are extremely nice and helpful. Everybody’s disciplined. Anika is having the time of her life. Mga 3 times ko na naririnig yung “I love Canada!” sa kanya and it’s only been three days since we arrived. Kaloka.

Pwede kang maglakad lakad here everywhere.dsc_0012


We went to Lake Shore the other day. It was so cold kasi we were near the water.


This is something na sana we have back there in Manila. It was nice hanging around watching the ducks walk back and forth.


That afternoon, Alvin and I went to Square One. Square One is the the largest mall in Mississauga. Nakaka-buang siguro dito pag Sale season.


This was where I had my outfit of the day.


Dress: ZARA; Shoes: KEDS; Bag: KATE SPADE; Sunglasses: PRADA

Behind me is the Absolute World residential twin towers. It is also known as the Marilyn Monroe buildings. Ang sexy kasi ng buildings eh.

We had dinner in the food court of one of the malls here. Alam ko na san nila pineg yung mga sosy food courts sa Manila. Similar ang food court ng newwing sa Megamall and sa SM Aura sa mga food courts here.

Alvin and I shared this delicious Greek dinner plate. Napaka-sarap.


Yesterday, Alvin and I decided that we will just share food orders here. Apart from they have huge servings, ayoko tumaba. Baka hindi na ako makilala paguwi ko diyan.


Happy weekend everyone!

Touchdown, Canada!!!

Touch down Canada!!!!

We left yesterday. Our flight was at 3pm but we were at the airport na by 10:30 am


Top and Leggings: H&M KIDS; Sneakers: ADDIDAS; Hand Carry Suitcase: IKEA

I anticipated the traffic.

OA naman sa aga but it was okay. I was already up by 3am. I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore sa sobrang excited! Lol!

Here’s what I wore to the airport.


Top: H&M; Leggings: H&M; Sneakers: KEDS; Bag: LONGCHAMP; Sunglasses: PRADA

We goofed around while waiting to board the plane.


Sa totoo lang talaga, Alvin and I were excited because this is the very first long trip that we have with Anika. She likes pulling the hand carry luggages. Anika and I like her Beatrix NY Ice Cream bag. It’s perfect for travelling.



It was a 16 hour flight.


I watched movies the whole time. Anika slept between her lola and I. It was super uncomfortable. Tiis-Nanay na lang talaga. Nangawit yung one side of my buttocks. I couldn’t move because I didn’t want to wake her up.


We took Philippine Airline so I can avail of my discount. Ang deja vu ko when I went in the plane. I remember all our travels with my dad and brothers. Food was okay except for the lunch that they served from Vancouver to Toronto. Hindi talaga kami kumakain ng Bicol Express. All Anika and I were able to eat was bread.

However, kahit na super gutom na gutom na, Anika was in her cheerful mood when we landed. We arrived at 9pm, Toronto time. Ang taas ng energy namin because morning sa Pilipinas time.


This is the obligatory arrival photo.


We were so hungry! We really appreciated the hot Sinigang and fish and rice that we ate at Anika’s Lolo Mario’s house. Napaka-sarap.

We were in bed by 12:30am. Toronto is 12 hours late from Manila’s time so it was noon time in Manila. We were so tired, we were able to sleep. However, gising na ako after 4 hours. I saw Alvin looking at me. Akala ko nagagandahan lang sa akin. Yun pala, jet lagged din siya.

ALVIN: Excited ka na mag-ikot ano?

ME: Yuh.


After a few minutes, Anika woke up na din. We took a bath and dressed up. When I looked at the time, 5am pa lang!

Kaloka hahaha!

When the sun came out at around 7am, we walked around the neighborhood.


It was 10 degrees and Anika was so cold!

Ang ganda dito mga beh!

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Kita kits!

Quickie Chika

Super quickie chikahan muna guys!

I’m sooooo excited for our upcoming Canada trip! Hindi na ako magkanda-ugaga how to squeeze everything that I have to do before we leave pero keribelles. I’m not minding that work’s more toxic than usual and I will be reporting in our ManCom meeting the day before we leave. Sige lang ng sige. I have not finished shopping for all the things I need to bring. I have yet to finish packing everything. Lekat na ulan kasi yan . Basa pa tuloy lahat ng mga socks and underwear that I bought. Even if for sure mega cramming ito, I don’t care. I am just looking forward to this trip. It’s our first time there and it’s Anika’s first super long flight. This will definitely going to be an experience.

So do you wanna know how my long weekend went?

My long weekend started with our Operations Meeting. Talagang nagmeeting pa kami. After the meeting, I went home to my in-laws’ because may surprise birthday party for my brother in law. It was a success!


We held it in one of the restaurant/bars in Betterliving Subdivision in Paranaque. Apart from the usual inuman and chikahan, there was an accoustic band na sila sila lang din. Jamming ang peg ng party. It was so much fun!


And oo, I get na why a lot of girls go gaga over boys who are in a band. Poging pogi ako sa asawa ko while they were jamming! Ang galing! Ang lakas maka-pogi points!

The next day was spent in the mall panic buying the things we need. In the evening, I started packing. This was how my Living Room looked like last night. Ganyan pa din naman hitsura ngayon.


I just want to show you these cute stickers from this kiosk in Glorietta where we bought some cool and funny shirts as pasalubongs.


Here’s what I wore that day.


Top: FROM JAPAN; Shorts: FOREVER 21; Sneakers: KEDS; Bag: BALENCIAGA; Sunglasses: RayBan

Today naman, Wowa and I went to SM Megamall to do last minute shopping. We passed by the new Tickles Flagship store at Megamall Building A.


I also bought some of my pasalubongs there.

Ang daming magaganda and mura! Mga cute items at Php 50 levelz ha? Wowa started shopping for her Christmas presents there. Ang dami talaga mga bakla. I was also surprised how affordable a lot of their items were. Na-deja vu tuloy ako. Tickles was my favorite store when I was in High School. I would spend countless hours there looking at things I do not need. Hahahaha!

Also, when Wowa and I passed by Watson’s kanina, I saw na the Catrice Eyebrow makeup that one of my blog readers told us about in her comment in one of my blog entries.


True mga bakla. It really looks like K-Palette. Parehas lang din ang effect. Ang maganda, it’s so cheap. It only costs around Php 249. Winner.

Wowa and I had lunch at Cibo. Favorite ko din at Cibo. Naka-line yan with Friday’s, Chili’s and Mary Grace.


She shopped for clothes for me, Anika and Alvin. Nabanggit ko lang na wala nang mga long sleeved tops si Anika na madadala sa Canada for our trip, ayun dinala ako sa H&M. Namili ng namili ang lola mo for Anika. Na-ambunan lang kami ni Alvin ng konti hehe. Super dami talaga binili.  Nakakaloka. Never tell a lola that you do not have clothes or food. Panic buying yan. Hahaha! But it was very much appreciated.

So now, work naman ako.


I’m finishing up some of the reports for tomorrow.

Yan ang buhay ko. Bow.


I will try my best to be able to blog while in Canada. Promise. But if ever, please do follow me in Instagram (@mommyfleur) and the Mommy Fleur Blog in FB for photos and updates of our trip!

Take care and see you soon!


Products That I Am Using Now

Sometimes I wish I was still in my twenties.

I would have started to seriously invest on derma sessions and beauty products for the face.

I didn’t do it because I was very lazy and because I thought tatagal ang firm and smooth skin ko forever.

I was wrong.

When I look at the mirror, nandiyan na yung mga lines and my skin is drying like the Sahara Desert.

Naghahabol tuloy ako now.

You have seen how my mother looks like. She’s 63 but she doesn’t look like it.


I grew up watching her lather so many products on her face in the morning and before she sleeps at night.

Sana ginaya ko yun.

But like what everybody says, it’s never too late to start a good beauty regime.

At 36 years old, I am still at the trial and error stage. Though there are products na talagang hiyang sa akin like the Celeteque moisturizer, I still try other products.

Do you wanna see the recent ones that I tried? Isasama ko na din mga make up ha? Madami din kasi ako nadiscover na mga affordable alternatives to the make up that I use. Share ko now.

Like I said, I have very dry skin. I use the Celeteque Moisturizer because it doesn’t give me rashes.

I feel na hindi siya enough so I tried other beauty products that I can use before I sleep. It is during when you sleep daw kasi that the skin rejuvenates so dun yung time na gusto ko maglagay ng kung anik anik sa fez.

I went to a Kiehl’s store. I closed my eyes and bought the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Php 2,895) and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (Php 1,300).


I have been reading a lot of good reviews about these two products especially the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

Effective talaga yung Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Sulit siya sa price. I noticed that the next morning, my skin really does look rejuvenated. Parang magic.

I like also the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream pero pang gabi lang talaga siya for me. It’s very greasy so you can really feel that it’s effectively moisturizing the face.

I have been using these two products for almost 6 months now.

I also recently discovered the Celeteque Dual CC face powder. It is affordable at Php 700+.


I alternate this face powder with my Mac Studio Fix NC 40. Mahalia kasi di ba the Mac pressed powder? I wanted to have another face powder para hindi naman maubos agad yung Mac. Pang malakasan na lang na make-up yung Mac.

Next, I totally love this organic Pili Nut lipsticks from Naturale Wonders that Wowa gave me.


I already told you about them here. I like them because they’re very rich when applied and hindi natatanggal basta basta yung color sa lips. They cost around Php 600 each and you can buy them from Beautymnl and Zalora.

For my non-existent eyebrows, I’ve always used the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo eyebrow. For me, wala na talaga makakatalo sa kanya when it comes to eyebrow make up. It’s very easy to apply and it lasts the whole day. I use the In2It eyebrow powder to fill them out. Mura lang din yang In2It na eyebrow powder na yan.

One time in the office, I misplaced my K-Palette eyebrow make up. Hindi ako pwedeng walang kilay because I will look weird. One of my staff let me borrow this Nichido liquid eyebrow and I liked it.


Pwede na siya pamalit pa-minsan minsan sa K-Palette. The best part is that it only costs Php 238 in SM.

Just last week, when I was making kalkal my products stuff, I saw this Tsururi Pore Peeling tube that Wowa got me from Japan.


I tried it after I washed my face. Para siyang facial scrub. It doesn’t smell nice pero mga bakla, the next day, ang glowing ng skin ko! After using it, I put on a moisturizing mask from The Face Shop. Like I said, the next day, my skin looked and felt so nice. Amazing talaga!

Eto ang problem ko, I do not know where I can buy this Tsururi! Japan lang talaga?! Help ha if you know where. Super nice that product.

Lastly, I am loving my new Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.


I am not fond of strong perfumes. Ayoko yung naka-alis na ako and all, naaamoy pa nila ako. I’m into fresh and soft scents. Yung tipong mapapalingon ka pero the scent is not overpowering. Daisy of Marc Jacobs is really like that. Wag niyo lang of course ibuhos sa sarili niyo, mga one or two sprays lang, ang sarap ng amoy.

So that’s it!

Kayo? Do you have products that you would want to recommend to us? =)

Please do share them!

Analysis, bow.

I weighed myself this morning. I gained back the 3 lbs from the 5 lbs I lost due to diarrhea.


My weight loss didn’t even stay long enough kahit until makarampa man lang muna ako sa Canada.

Walang pakisama.


Here’s one of the outfits I wore the week before I got sick.


Top: H&M; Cover Up: COTTON ON; Pants: UNIQLO; Sandals: H&M

In photos, I might not look that fat to you but in real life I’m a bit overweight. Anika’s yaya confirmed it last night.

YAYA: Ate, nakasalubong ko yung pwedeng magtutor kay Anika kanina.

ME: O? Kinuha mo number?

YAYA: Opo.

ME: Matanda na ba yung tutor?

YAYA: Hindi po. Parang kayo lang. Bata pa tapos medyo mataba din.


I blame my short height for that. Dahil pandak ako, I have to weigh only 105 to 110 lbs so I won’t look fat. Lugi. I wanted to diet immediately after I got well. I can’t because ang tatapang ng mga antibiotics ko. I have to eat otherwise, manginginig ako. I also chug down a lot of water. Eto yata yung na-gain back ko, water weight.

Anyway, hayaan na natin. Daanin na lang natin sa confidence and wit.


May analysis ako.

Feeling ko bionic woman talaga ako.

Last Sunday, I was able to finish sourcing and printing mock exams for all 6 subjects for Anika’s end term finals this week. If you are a mother, you will understand na that is not an easy task. It’s difficult especially for her Filipino subject. Wala masyadong online printable worksheet for Filipino. After that, I was able to finish editing and doing the performance appraisals of 30 of my staff members. Thirty. As in trenta ka-tao. I was also able to finish and submit my KRA so that my performance can be appraised by my boss. Partida, nagawa ko pang ihatid si Alvin sa airport that morning, makapaglunch date with Anika at Mary Grace and then review Anika for her final exams for the next day. Para mas mayabang pa more, I was also able to blog two blog entries nung araw din na yun.

Nagamit ko na halos ang buong pagkatao ko that day: a wife, a mother, a boss, an employee and a blogger. Kulang na lang yung pagiging daughter, sister and a friend.

Bionic nga siguro talaga ako.

I told Alvin one evening na sa tingin ko, hindi lahat ng kababaihan sa mundo ay kaya etong ginagawa kong ito.

Loka loka daw kasi ako sabi ni Alvin. He said I want to do all things that I can daw. Hindi daw ako marunong magpahinga.

Well, true. I get really exhausted sometimes but the bottomline naman lagi is, “am I happy with what I am doing?”.

A very firm yes talaga ang sagot ko diyan.

I believe that life is short. Ang dami ko pang gustong gawin and I know, with the right support and time management, I can do all those. Excuse na lang yung hindi kaya. And hindi ako naniniwala sa hindi kaya. Kung gusto, may paraan talaga. For me, as long as hindi ko napapabayaan ang time ko with my family, I can do other things. Basta gusto ko ang ginagawa ko and masaya ako.

And if I can do it, I think everyone can do it too =)

That is my analysis number 1.

My analysis number 2 is that mahirap pala maging single parent.

Alvin is away now for a business trip and natapat ang trip niya during Anika’s final exams days.

Nakakasira ng bait.

Nakakasira ng bait and scary at the same time.

Mahirap walang ka-tunggali sa buhay, mga bakla. It’s difficult if you do not have someone to share the burden and responsibilities of your daily life especially if you have a child. Ilang days pa lang pero feel na feel ko na mahirap talaga ang magraise mag-isa ng anak. Sayo lahat.

Mahirap na and then malungkot pa.

I miss Alvin.

I realize that even though Alvin and I bicker a lot, life is much better when he is around. Walang nagpapatawa ngayon sa bahay. Walang mahirap and malabo kausap. There is no one I can talk to at night. Wala akong makausap to discuss about stuff that I am thinking about. Wala akong ka-cuddle. Dalawang gabi na ako puyat. I can’t find sleep without any part of my body touching Alvin. Walang sense of security.

Yeah, I miss Alvin.

Though okay lang because bongga ang sweet ni Alvin. He’s like that when he’s away from us. Tawag ng tawag, i love you ng i love you, i miss you ng i miss you =p Super opposite when he’s here. Iba ang effect ng homesickness sa kanya. Hahahaha!

When I mentioned it to him kanina during our video chat, sulitin ko na daw ngayon. Back to normal na naman daw when he gets back.

Loko loko nga.

So there, those are my analyses.

As soon as Anika finishes her end term finals tomorrow, I can think about na the things that I need to bring to our trip to Canada. I need to go shopping for outfits! Sayang ang scenery! Mga bonggang outfits of the day photos na ito!

Osha, gotta go na. Good night guys.

I’ll blog real soon!