But I can’t effin’ get over how stupid I was for not Googling how to wash our white canvas sneakers before I gave it to my kasambahay to wash.


I am seriously irritated at myself.

I shouldn’t have just let the kasambahay wash it without any instructions from me. Ano nga naman malay niyan how to wash it correctly?! Now, Anika’s and my sneakers have these ugly yellowish stains that I’m praying to God mawala pa.

I am so annoyed.

What will happen if the stains will not come out?! I’ll buy a new pair? Hindi talaga kasi mura yan eh.

I’m so pissed at myself.


Rare Sighting Of Alvin In An Event

I seldom bring Alvin to events. It’s so seldom that parang people siguro think Alvin does not really exist in real life. Sa Sombrero Sitcom lang siya lumalabas. Hahahaha!

Pero I’m not kidding. Hindi lang sa blogging events ko siya hindi dinadala. I don’t also bring him to my friends’ weddings, their kids’ christening or kiddie parties. Hindi niya kasi type yang mga soshalang ganyan. Not unless we are both friends with the person inviting us, he will beg off. These are the times I am thankful that I know how to drive. Otherwise, #TeamBahay din siguro ako or may stocks na ako with Uber or Grab. Hindi ko kaya ang hindi gumala!

Don’t I feel bad if he doesn’t go with me?

When we were newly married, I would expect him to go with me everywhere I go. Pogi ang asawa ko. Mabango pa. I wanted to show him off to my friends and their kapitbahays. However, I noticed that kung gaano ako ka-Miss Friendship, yun naman ang ikina-antipatiko ng asawa ko. He doesn’t warm up to people that easily. When you meet me, you will feel like we have known each other for years. Pero with Alvin, you will feel very ilang because he doesn’t initiate talk with people he’s not close to.

At first I thought I could change him. Hindi lang siguro siya sanay sa mga get-togethers because he’s an introvert. So I dragged him to the mall and to every parties and get-togethers. It was until medyo nagkakapikunan na kami because I can really see that he wasn’t even trying to enjoy himself. He wasn’t happy. Obvious na obvious na napipilitan lang. Na-sestress ako when I’m with him because I had to make him intindi pa. I had to check if he’s okay every now and then. So instead of me enjoying, I get stressed and annoyed at him. Nag-aaway pa tuloy kami.

After a few years, I realized that it is better to let go of the thought of Alvin going with me to events that he really doesn’t like to go to. Rather than nagkakapikunan kami always, I don’t force him to go with me na lang. Whenever there’s an event or a happening, I ask him if he wants to go with me. If he doesn’t, okay lang. No hard feelings. Mas peaceful this way. I learned to enjoy going out without him. Okay din the outcome because when I go home, we have something to talk about. When I go somewhere (I take the willing Anika with me instead and I thank God galgal din siya like me), Alvin does his thing too. He plays golf, fix whatever in the house, watch TV or just chill. Pag-uwi ko, parang na-miss namin ang isa’t isa. We tell each other about how our respective lakad went.

Pwede naman pala yun.

So imagine my surprise when Alvin went with us to the McDonald’s event. McDonald’s sponsored a movie screening of Angry Birds at the Powerplant Mall. This was in line with their launch of the new Happy Meal toys: Angry Birds.

Here’s what Anika wore. Siya na lang nagco-choreograph ng mga poses niya for her outfit of the day photos.





Anika and her photobomer

I was happy Alvin came with us because I had my personal photographer for the day.


Anika’s like that because Angry Bird din daw siya


You guys should try collecting the Angry Birds Happy Meal toys. They’re very interactive!




Thank you McDonald’s for inviting us!

And thank you Babe for the rare experience of going to the event with you =) Lol!

Weekend Shopping

I recently blogged about these two topics that I’m sure a lot of parents can relate to: “Are You A Praning Parent” and “How Do We Raise Kids Who Know How To Say No”.

I was surprised because there were single ladies who commented. Nagulat ako kasi (1) I didn’t know may mga dalaga pala who read my blog (thank you very much ladies) and (2) ang gaganda ng insights nila. It’s nice to read about opinions and advice from them na fresh na fresh sa pre-adult stage. Parents, you gotta read their comments and stories. We can learn a lot from their suggestions =)

Anyway, last Saturday, Wowa and I made plans to meet with Anika in Glorietta to do girlie stuff (read: shopping). I want to start my malling early because konti pa lang ang tao and fresh pa ang mga sales lady. Hindi pa sila ngarag and masungit. I asked Wowa to meet us at Cibo to have lunch first. We had a very nice surprise because when we got there, we saw Wowa walking towards us with Faye! Faye just came back from their honeymoon trip in Europe so we haven’t seen her for three weeks. Napatakbo talaga ang Anika sa kanila sa sobrang excited.

We had lunch while Faye made kwento of their DIY European trip.


Wowa left to go to the dermatologist so Faye, Anika and I went around the mall by ourselves first. This was the time when I bought Faye and Anika their white sneakers. After a while, Wowa joined us in H&M. Faye had to leave because Fonz arrived and wala pa siyang tulog. Wowa, Anika and I had merienda at Paper Moon. I really like their cakes. Kakaiba and they’re delicious especially when paired with their coffee.


After that, Wowa left  because she wanted to hear the afternoon mass at Santuario de San Antonio.

ANIKA: Nanay, what will we do na?

ME: Shopping?

ANIKA: Let’s go!

Ang sarap talaga ng may daughter. It’s like having your best friend with you all the time. She even takes photos of me when I’m not looking lelz.


Inside the fitting room in Zara, Anika got my camera from me while I was fitting clothes.

ANIKA: Nanay, you try to fit the clothes and I’ll take photos of you.

ME: What for?

ANIKA: So we can send it to Tatay and see if he likes it.

ME (while fitting a tight dress): Yeah… Ummm… Sure… Ugh! Wait.. I’m having a hard time fitting in this thing! Ugh!

ANIKA: Nanay, you’re getting fatter. Maybe you need a larger size. Oh, make it an extra large size. (Shouting outside) CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE US THE BIGGEST SIZE HERE?!

ME (hissing): Anika! Stop shouting! It’s okay!

ANIKA: Whut? I’m making your life easier.

Nakakahiya. Siya na.


Anyway, here are my recent shopping loot.

Nalalaspag ko ang mga wedges ko when I go to the site so I got a new one from Staccato. It’s not cheap so I swore to myself not to be tamad to change into other footwear pagmay biglaang walkthrough in our projects. I’m lazy kasi to change sometimes so I just wear my heels and wedges while going around the construction area. Ang bilis tuloy madumihan and masira ng shoes ko.


Staccato wedges at Php 3,999

The white sneakers that I got from Anika was from Vans. Ang dumi na niya because she wore it right away after I paid for it in the store.

vans kids

Priced at Php 1,200 plus

I saw this pretty chambray dress from Zara and pikit mata ko siyang binili. It looked so nice on me and ang sarap niya suotin!


Zara chambray dress priced at Php 2,595

I was looking for foot socks and thin socks and found them at H&M.


H&M foot socks for Php 499 for 5 pairs and thin socks for Php 599 for 5 pairs

I’ve been looking for a maong jacket for Anika and me. The cheapest nice jacket that I saw for Anika is from H&M. Sa ibang stores, exage sa mahal. I also got her a pretty dress kasi eto ang peg ko na outfit niya with her white sneakers.


H&M Kids dress priced at Php 299; H&M Kids Maong Jacket priced at Php 899

Anika liked this pair of boots also from H&M kids. Wowa got it for her. Diyosme, bago kami nakapagdecide sa pair na ito, mga 20 years sila magLola nagdebate!


H&M Kids boots priced at Php 1,490

There’s this store called TYPO. Hindi ito pwedeng pasukin ng mga people with low EQ like me. It’s a wasteland! There are so many pretty thing that you like to buy but do not need.

Like this donut earphones.


Priced at Php 999

Starting when I bought this pretty mug at TYPO, I have decided to collect coffee mugs. Anne Curtis lang ang peg.


Priced at around Php 200 plus

I decided to buy a small notebook that I will keep in my hand bag wherever I go because I have a lot of blog topics ideas na nawawala na lang kasi hindi ko nalilista. Good ideas and things to do crop up in my head in the weirdest times: while I’m driving, while I’m talking to somebody on the phone or while I’m discussing something else. I will write everything down so I won’t forget. Perfect etong notebook na ito for busy working moms like me.


Sparkly notebook priced at Php 399

Also, with Pineda’s help, I decided to start decorating my console table. I got this L O V E book ends from TYPO too.


Priced at Php 999

This is how my console table looks like now. Hindi pa siya tapos though.


Lastly, here’s my lastest beauty product discovery: BIORE CLEANSING OIL MAKE UP REMOVER


Priced at Php 299; Available at PCX

I read that it’s wrong pala to just wash your face with your make up on. It will just smear your make up more in your face. You have to remove first the make up and then you wash it with your facial wash. The BIORE Cleansing Oil is perfect for this. Kaya siguro siya bestseller in Japan =)

So there you go guys!

Kayo? What are your recent shopping loot? =)

How Do We Raise Kids Who Can Say No?

I am so loving my white sneakers talaga. It goes with literally almost anything! Shorts, short dresses, long dresses, skirts, pwede siya sa lahat. Like what they said, ang lakas din niya makabagets. But what I like best with it is that super comfy siya. I can walk and walk for days (exage) with it. I know not all white sneakers are like this siguro. Mine is Keds. Hindi siya masakit sa feet especially for somebody who seldom wears closed shoes like me.


Dress: MANGO; Shoes: KEDS; Sunglasses: RAYBAN

I like white sneakers so much that I bought Faye and Anika a pair each last weekend. I got Faye a pair from Keds and I got a pair for Anika from Vans.


There’s something sa white sneakers eh. I think this will not be just a fad. Gawin natin siyang classic look!

Anyway, I wrote this blog entry because I have a concern.

I’m sure nabalitaan niyo na the 5 people who died from the Close Up Forever Summer Concert. I cannot imagine how the parents are feeling now. Gumimik lang anak mo tapos hindi na nakauwi ng bahay because namatay pala. All of them died of heart attack. Some news said that it was because of drugs. Nakaka-sira yan ng bait. Sabi nga nila online, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare and I couldn’t agree more.

While watching the news, Alvin was giving me the I’m-telling-you-that-Anika-will-never-go-gimik-ever face. Hindi na ako nagulat.

ALVIN: Sige ayan. Pagimikin mo yan si Anika paglaki, bahala ka. Tingnan mo ang mga nangyayari sa mga gimik ngayon.

More than 10 years from now pa ang issue but he’s already getting all worked up about it.

One time kasi, I told him that sana when Anika’s a dalaga na, I hope he won’t be too strict on her anymore. Hayaan lang. I-trust namin siya because I believe that we can bring her up to be a good person with right values. Hindi daw. Again, ayan na naman yung sentence na, “I don’t want to risk it.”.

ME: Bakit naman ako? Gimikerang wagas ako nung bata. Maayos naman ako. I finished school. Lisensyado ako. Pinalaki kasi ako with right values. And I think that’s what’s important. We need to instill right values kay Anika. Tingnan mo nga, ikaw pa ang napakasalan ko. Ayos di ba?

Wag ko daw siyang bolahin. Ang dami ko daw close calls.


I’ve been with some of my friends while they were doing crystal meth. I know about the whole process, from making the tooter to how they sniff that thing but I swear to God, I never tried it. I’ve been to parties with people who were high in Ecstasy. I never tried it because I knew my heart will not be able to take it. I knew ikamamatay ko yun. I never risked it. I’ve been in gimmiks with some girlfriends where I had trouble finding a way home because the people I came to the club with went home with the guys we met in the bar.

Drugs, sex and violence were already there during our time. My questions are bakit ako hindi nalulong while others did and bakit ako hindi nadisgrasya, yung iba oo?

Swerte kasi ako?

Probably yes but naisip ko din is maybe it was because (1) I knew how to say no and (2) I knew my limits back then.

On how I became that way, I need to ask Wowa that. I want to know because I want to do it with Anika. Temptations, peep pressure and bad influences will always be there. Hindi na mawawala yan especially during the teenage years. How can we raise our kids to say no to all of these?

I remember Patty tuloy. I asked her how she was able to raise her daughter that way. Parang ang bait kasi nung bata eh. Hindi nagpapadala sa peer pressure. Patty told me that it is important for daughters and mothers to have open communication lines. Dapat daw your daughter should feel that she can always come to you for questions and advice. Para daw hindi na niya kailangan ito i-seek elsewhere. Mas prone kasi yun sa bad influence eh. In the same way, you are able to guide your daughter in explaining why mali ang ginagawa ng some of her friends.


I need more advice though. Anika’s 6 years old. I don’t want to be too late in instilling in her what I need to instill. I want to know this early if tama ang way ko palakihin ang anak ko.

Guys, help?

Mommies with teenage kids, we could really use your learnings now =)

It’s not easy talaga raising kids, ano? Walang manual eh. Hehehe.

Maeko Goes To Shopville Manila!


The other weekend, I was invited to the Shopkins Shopville Manila event at the Atrium of SM Mall of Asia.


To those of you who do not have daughters who collect these cute Shopkins toys, Shopkins is the cutest, most adorable collectible toys inspired by items found in grocery and department stores appealing primarily to girls 5 and above. This brand has gathered many prestigious awards including the Toy of the Year Award from the Toy Industry Association in New York City. Shopkins inspire imagination and encourage social engagement as girls actively pursue for the rare and limited editions from over 500 characters making even their parents hunt madly in search for them.

In short, you and your daughters and nieces will have a fun time collecting and discovering these toys together!

Since we already have a scheduled out of town trip, I asked Pineda if she can take Maeko to the event. Maeko, my goddaughter, is a Shopkins fanatic! She has so many Shopkins toys in her collection! I was so happy because they said yes. Excited na excited daw talaga yung bagets.

Shopville Manila is a two day event for the Shopkins fans. It was the first ever Shopkins live-experience that gathered the Shopkins fanatics to celebrate the success of this cutest collectible line in the market.


Pineda was telling na Oh My God ng Oh My God si Maeko when they arrived sa sobrang saya!

MAEKO: This is crazy!!!!


Guests, like Maeko, were given VIP passes to enter Shopville Manila that they use to participate in arts and crafts studio, cupcake decoration boutique, Shopkins design workshop, and other activities and treats each station has to offer.




Guests were able to design cupcakes.


They were also given the opportunity to be able to design their own Shopkins!




Shopkins fans were encouraged to bring their collections and visit the Swapkins zone where they can trade characters with fellow collectors to complete their shopping list.

Pineda said that good thing daw, Maeko was able to sort out the Shopkins toys that she had na may ka-double na siya. She was able to trade these Shopkins for Shopkins that she didn’t have yet.




One of the highlights of the event was definitely the meet and greet of the kids and the Shoppies and Shopkins all-time favorite characters!



Since its Philippine launch in 2014, Shopkins has become the most popular collectible line for girls in the country. It continues to grow in popularity and increase its fan base with each new series. Shopkins offers wide range of collectible characters, themed playsets and accessories available in all Toy Kingdom outlets and other leading toy stores nationwide.

Shop online at or visit for more information and exclusive updates.

Are You A Praning Parent Too?

Anika’s copying one of the blogger poses she saw online. Ayaw niya na daw ng Mommy Fleur pose because we’re the only ones doing it. Kaloka.



Anyway, when Anika was swimming at Wilson’s Place a couple of weekends ago, LT, Wowa and Alvin were watching her.

ME: LT, nung mga bata ba kami may mga nagbabantay sa amin pagswimming?

LT: Ummm.. oo parang wala naman. Meron pero hindi naman bantay masyado.

ME: Yeah di ba? I remember parang wala eh. Parang hinahayaan niyo lang kami basta nasa kiddie pool lang.

LT: Oo tama.

WOWA: Eh kasi naman, marurunong kayong 3 magswimming.

I compared it to what we were doing now. Anika knows how to swim too pero tingnan mo naman, kaming apat nakabantay sa kanya while she swims. Apat apat kelangan?! Ang daming man-hours na ginagamit for one kid!

I began to think.

Parang medyo bantay sarado nga namin si Anika.

Aren’t Alvin and I being overprotective of her?

I remember when we were kids, my parents and LT let us play in the streets. Pagpatak ng 4pm, pwede na kaming lumabas niyan. I would go to my friends’ houses. Come 6pm, LT will start calling us to come inside. Dun lang kami papasok. Pero between those times, we were free to go anywhere basta nasa loob lang ng village. Wala naman kaming yaya na nakasunod sa amin. Takbo kami dito. Laro kami dun.

Meanwhile, with Anika now, Alvin never lets her go anywhere without her yaya. She can’t go to our neighbor’s house without her. She can’t play outside the house without the yaya. Even when we are at my in-laws’ house, may yaya pa din na kasama! And since she fell from the monkey bars while I was watching her, she cannot go na to the park without Alvin.

San ka pa?! I thought that was exage already until one night,

ME: Babe, nasan si Abby? (the yaya)

ALVIN: Nasa kuwarto ni Anika.

ME: Anong ginagawa dun?

ALVIN: Pinapabantayan ko si Anika.

Hanep. Baka kasi siguro may kumidnap sa anak niya sa kwarto niya.

I discussed this with Alvin one time. Sabi ko baka masobrahan ang bakod niya sa bata, hindi na mag-grow. Kids need adventures and kids need to discover things on their own. He doesn’t want to take chances daw. One of his friends’ daughters daw had brain damage because she fell from a not so high place and hit her head. Sa panahon ngayon, ang daming kidnapping and rape. Super praning daw siya that something bad might happen to Anika.

Praning?! Hindi naman mashadow, Babe.

I began to analyze.

What were our parents thinking back then? Ano sila, deadma lang sa ganyan? Hindi nila masyadong sine-stress ang mga ganyang bagay?

There were a lot of booboos din naman that happened to me and my brothers before. I fell from our gate because I was climbing it to go outside. Tusok tusok yung top ng gate (eto yung mga usong gate dati) and I fell and natusok yung lower back ko. I still have the keloid of that wound in my back. I almost got hit by a car while biking in our village. My brothers got bitten by dogs more than twice. I almost drowned in the beach. I had the worst bike fall ever. Kitang kita sa scar sa legs ko.

Keri naman. Buhay pa ako and I can say that I had a great childhood. I know how to climb the roof of our house. Tumatambay ako dun while eating Mr. Chips and drinking Fanta. I know how to climb trees. Macopa, Aratilis, Bayabas or Mango trees, I can climb it! I know also how to fly a kite. I sold gulaman and banana cue sa labas ng bahay namin. Naligo ako sa ulan.

Yun. Ang saya.

One rainy day daw, Alvin saw Anika standing by our window looking outside.

ALVIN: What’s wrong?

ANIKA: You know Tatay, I never tried making ligo sa rain.

Natauhan ang Sombrero. He never allowed Anika to bathe in the rain before because baka sipunin daw. I told you praning siya. Pero when he saw Anika, he realized that his daughter was missing something sa childhood niya sa sobrang ka-praningan niya.

Don’t get me wrong ha? Like what Alvin always says, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Pero I think, us parents, have to balance this. Let’s try to balance our kapraningan about our kids’ safety vs. letting them experience the joys of childhood. Anxiety will always be part of being a parent. But that should not hinder us in letting our kids experience a nice childhood.

Tama naman di ba? Hayaan natin sila to have fun and discover things. Samahan lang siguro natin ng madaming madaming dasal =)


Kasambahay Booboos

I’m addicted to anything maong and chambray nowadays. Obvious ba sa sunod sunod ko na outfits. Lelz.


Dress: OLD NAVY; Shoes: CMG

I think it’s not just me. Pasok kayo ng Zara and Old Navy stores, ang daming chambray clothes.

Anyway, I wanna talk about kasambahays. As if hindi pa toxic enough ang buhay ng isang working mother, we also need to deal with the dramas and the booboos of the kasambahays. Nandyan na yung halos ikaw na ang nakikisama, wag ka lang iwan. Nandiyan din yung pati family problems nila, ineemote mo. And ofcourse, nandiyan din yung halos putukan ka na ng ugat kakapasensya sa mga pagkakamali nila.

I just don’t like to jinx it but I am thankful for my two kasambahays. Malinis sila sa katawan. Masipag. May malasakit. However, there are also times na they can sometimes test my patience. One of them is madamdamin. Makikisama ka sa mood swings. The other naman, you have to be very specific and detailed with your utos. Hindi niya kasi yun masyadong magegets. These may be petty but during the times na wala ka sa mood or super stressed, e-effort ka din.

Just like what happened the other day. It was around 11:30am. Alvin called me to tell me that Anika and the two kasambahays were locked out of our house.

Tanghaling tapat, nakatambay sa labas ng bahay ang anak ko for more than an hour already.

Nawala daw kasi nila yung set of house keys when they went out.

Ang sakit sa bangs.

I had to find people to go to our house and open the doors. Thank you nga pala Ron and Ian. They were able to open it, three hours after. Imagine how hot it was sa labas. Gutom na gutom na si Anika.

When I got home, nagkwento ang Anika. She was waiting outside for the longest time. Super init daw. Then she got really hungry. Naawa yung isang lola na kapitbahay namin so she gave her skyflakes. Gutom na gutom pa din so the lola gave her bread and sausage. Nakakaloka talaga.

The next day, I was looking for the fruits that I brought two days ago. Ayun mga ateng, hindi nababa sa car ko. I used a different car the day after so hindi ko din napansin. Sa awa ng Diyos, amoy bulok na fruits yung car ko when I checked. Nabulok ang ibang fruits. Sayang. I couldn’t understand because I told them to get it when I arrived from work. It was also automatic for them to get everything inside my car when I arrive. Ginawa kong ganun para automatic and systematic. Pero alas, this still happened.

Ang init ng ulo ko after. However, I had to control myself. Mas mahirap din kasi ang walang maid di ba? Yan na lang ang iniisip ko.

Travel Essentials: Lock and Lock Couple Tumbler


For me, it’s very important to drink water often daily. Since I was an athlete growing up and I had “problems” with my colon before, I take in a lot of H2O every day. Even though I’m not thirsty, I still drink water.

When I got married and had a daughter, I make sure they are always well hydrated. I remind my mag-ama to drink water all the time. This is the reason why we bring with us a water tumbler every where we go. As in literally, every where. I have trained my kasambahays to automatically put our water tumblers in our cars when we go to work and inside Anika’s bag where ever she goes.

We all like to have our water super cold so I have been trying different kinds of water tumblers. One of the cutest and most functional water tumblers that I have tried is the Lock and Lock’s Couples Tumbler.


We brought these with us when we had our overnight trip to Tagaytay a few weeks back.


The drive to Tagaytay was two hours. These Lock and Lock Couple tumblers kept us hydrated on our way to our destination. We stopped to buy snacks to munch on in the car so it’s great we have water with us.

Also, I am a bit maselan about drinking water served in the places we go to so we brought our water tumbler with us even to the restauranst. I am not saying that the water served in different establishments is unsafe but I am not taking my chances with my family. I make them drink the water that we bring. Iba na talaga ang safe.


One of the things we love about the Lock and Lock Couple tumbler is the sleek design. Hindi siya bulky so it’s not difficult to carry everywhere. It doesn’t take up so much space in your bags so siksik ka lang sa kanya ng siksik.


Isingit ko lang ha, how cute is the design?! =)


When you put the two tumblers together, it will form a heart! Ang mushy in a very adorable way! It’s perfect for me kasi ang clingy ko kay Alvin. Hahahaha!

Anyway, one of the best functions of the Lock and Lock Couple tumbler is that it can keep your water cold for 6 hours! The tumbler is vacuum insulated so you can enjoy cold, refreshing beverage for a long period of time. Pwede din ito for hot drinks and same principle, it can keep your hot drinks hot for a long period of time.

Another small detail I like is the mesh-like harang that you put before covering the tumbler. It makes drinking easier. Hindi pupunta yung ice sa mouth mo and while drinking.


And to add to the cuteness, you can personalize more your Couples tumbler with the stickers they provide in the box.


So cute! =)

This Lock and Lock tumbler retails for Php 1,195 each. You can buy them at the Lock & Lock flagship stores:

  1. Eastwood
  2. Fisher Mall
  3. Megastate Bldg., Araneta Ave.
  4. Shangri-La East Wing
  5. Alabang Town Center
  6. Glorietta 4
  7. BF Paranaque

For more information, like the Lock and Lock Facebook Page.

Wilson’s Place: Dinner and Breakfast Meals

Here’s the last installment of my Wilson’s Place blog entries. We are going to talk about how delicious the food that they served there.


For dinner, they served us this toasted herb bread with cheese spread. It was good. Check!


After, they served us this creamy pumpkin soup that tasted a little sweet. It still had tiny bits of pumpkin. Anika loved this.


Next, there was the Ceasar Salad. Ang reklamo ko lang is ang konti niya. Hahaha! I wish I got more servings of the salad.


One of main dishes was the pasta in olive oil with bits of fish.


And this Chicken Roulade which can be paired with the heaping plate of rice that they served.


Finally, dessert was this vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup. Winner na winner ito for me =)


The next day, I had one of the best breakfast ever. Si Alvin lalo na, sobrang tuwang tuwa.

They started with fruits in sour cream. I didn’t eat this yet because I’m acidic in the morning. Wowa and LT loved this.


They served toasted bread again with Coco Jam as palaman. Anika like this.


After that, they took out the coffee and hot chocolate, sunny side up eggs, tomatoes in vinegar, beef tapa, garlic rice and tuyo.


Alvin’s eyes grew big! This was his type of hearty breakfast!

The beef tapa was marinated ng napakasarap talaga and was very soft.


And you know me, ako si Tuyo Girl. I absolutely love tuyo!!!



Grabe, we were so full! Breakfast was sooooo good! I wish they would sell the marinated tapa. Gusto ko mag-uwi!

After breakfast, Anika wanted to go swimming again. “Nanay, my swimming coach said we have to rest for 30 minutes before swimming!”. And so after 30 minutes, eto na silang dalawa.


We had a great time at Wilson’s Place. Wowa liked the place too that she’s coordinating with them for their planning and team building. It’s a nice place for that. They have a small function room with pretty tables and chairs if there will be indoor discussions.

Maglabe Drive, Tagaytay City

Mobile: +639158645706 / +639175357218 / +639178665825
Facebook: Wilson’s Place

Room Rates:

As for the rates of Wilson’s Place
Petite Rooms – 5,000 ( for 2, inclusive of dinner and breakfast plus 5% service charge )
Regular Rooms – 5,500 (for 2, inclusive of dinner and breakfast plus 5% service charge )
Family Rooms – 8,500 ( for 4, inclusive of dinner and breakfast plus 5% service charge )
Lunch only is  700 / head plus 5% svc

My Outspoken Little Girl

Time has come when I can’t just make Anika wear anything that I like. I miss those time when she would wear anything that I tell her to wear. She was like my real life doll. Good thing that I enjoyed that stage while it lasted. Ngayon, good luck. I consider it a lucky day if she was able to dress up without any drama attached.

ANIKA: Nanay, what will I wear?

I go to her closet to get nice clothes for her.

ME: Here anak, wear this.

ANIKA: But I don’t like to wear that!

ME (finding another outfit): Eto…

ANIKA: Nanay, I wore that ten thousand times already!

Leche. Kanino ba nagmana ng pagka-exage etong batang ‘to?!

ME (finding another outfit): Sige eto na lang…

ANIKA: Nanay that’s so old! Hindi bagay na sa akin!

ME: Hay naku Anika Summer! Bahala ka nga! Magtatanong ka sa akin tapos ang dami mong kontra!

ANIKA: Sige this one na lang..


ANIKA: Sooo.. What shoes will I wear with this Nanay?! What’s bagay?

Repeat scenario earlier with her dress.



Sulit naman because she loves having her outfits of the day taken. And feeling ko, we cannot prevent Anika to argue with us sometimes because of how we are trying to raise her. We allow kasi Anika to express herself. We allow her to say what she think and feel. Hindi namin binebengga yan pagnage-emote. Yun lang, we have to remind her every now and then to do that respectfully. Okay lang maging outspoken pero minsan kasi nake-carried away eh. Just like the other night, Alvin and I were talking about adult stuff. Butt in ng butt in ang Anika. I got mad. I told her to go to our room. After our talk, I went inside our room. Nandun sa bed ang bagets, nagdadrama.

ANIKA: Nanay, you are never nice to me!

ME: Be careful of what you say Anika. You think first before you say something hurtful.


ANIKA: No! No! No! I mean kanina lang. You weren’t nice to me.

ME: There you go. Do not exaggerate things. The reason why I got mad was you kept on butting-in in adults conversation. Di ba sabi ko I don’t like that?

Ayun. After ilang minutes of talking, okay na ulit kami. She has become verbally expressive of how she feels. Kahit in her bedtime prayer, makikita niyo na yan.

“Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love, commits me here. Ever this day, be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and ang guide. Amen. Lord, please help the victims of the storm in Tacloban. And please don’t give me bad dreams and zombies, monsters, skeletons, ghosts, scary rabbits, scary clowns and scary beavers. And please help my community. Please give me a baby brother. And sana we can live in Canada. Amen.

Nakakatuwa din yung exaggeration niya.

ANIKA: Nanay, remember when you go electocuted?

ME: Yea.

ANIKA: I got you bandaid.

ME: Yea.

ANIKA: You were crying kasi your hair in your arms stood up.

ME: Yea.

ANIKA: Buti di ka namatay ano?