So Nice This Day Today

Nice ano?


Dress: COTTON ON; Denim Jacket: MANGO; Sneakers: KEDS;

… ng waterfalls sa Glorietta 2. Hahahaha!

I like my day today.

I was in Makati super early to beat the traffic because I was asked by my boss to attend the Meralco Power Up Finance Forum at Shangri La Makati.

I stayed at the Lobby Lounge and had breakfast there. I had this huge Adobo with kesong puti sandwich and cappuccino.


I remember when I was still in Grade School. Wowa and I would have breakfasts in hotels before school. I remember feeling super grown up and fancy. Maybe that’s why I like nice things.

Hindi din.

Maarte lang talaga ako.


I had a great lunch and a pretty dessert.


As much as I like eating hard core Tapsilog sa streets (think Matys in Don Galo, Paranaque), I also love eating at hotels talaga. I like sit down meals better compared to buffet. I look forward to how the dishes will be presented. Tapos titikman ko kung kasing sarap ba niya yung ganda ng presentation.

I love hotels period.

Don’t even get me started on hotel toilets.

Anyway, I also won 3k worth of Rustan’s GCs.


It was definitely a happy day.

And then when I went home, I had a Raclette dinner with Anika.


ANIKA: Where’s Tatay? He’s missing all the fun!


Osha mga bakla. We’ll go lie down and be lazy in our pajamas na.

Good night and have a nice weekend!

Lost Pencils, Heavy School Bags and Atbp.

My beautiful and smart baby girl was awarded Angel of the Week of her class.

Angel of the Week is an award given to a student in CSA who did an extra good job for the week.


This was what was written at the back of the award.


First, I just wanna say, like mother, like daughter talaga. I was also often awarded the Small But Terrible award back in my Grade School days so I totally get what that phrase means. Ibig sabihin, Anika and I may be small in size but magaling kami.

Second, I just wish teacher phrased the “terrible in helping teacher” part. Hahaha! Though I understand what she meant, mahirap i-explain sa ibang tao. Anika kasi is like a mother hen. She treats her classmates like her kids. She tells them to keep quiet and she tells them to follow what the instructions of their teacher are. I asked her bakit kaya teacher said “terrible in helping teacher”? She answered, “Hay naku Nanay! My throat gets itchy na nga shouting at my classmates to fall in line or to keep quiet pero they don’t still follow me and teacher.”.

Gets niyo na din? Hehe.

Lastly, two weeks ago, Anika told us that she was the president of her class. I just said a non-committal “Ah talaga? That’s great!”. Alvin made me Vice President kasi of their class. Iniisip ko baka nagiimbento lang si Anika na president siya para same kami. I didn’t want to burst naman her bubble so naki-“ride” na lang ako.

Totoo pala mga bakla. She’s the class president pala and I’m so proud that she’s doing her job diligently.

Yapak ko nga ang sinusundan ng batang ito.


Next chika is I have three concerns with Anika and school.

One, she always lose her pencils in school. By the end of the week, either isa na lang or wala na siyang pencils in her pencil case.

“Anak, kinakain niyo ba mga pencils niyo in school?!”

She doesn’t know daw where her pencils go.


Two, eto ang mas nakakaloka.

I have been bringing Anika to school as often as I can. I notice every time that even though stroller type yung school bag niya, she still has a hard time pulling or pushing it.

Ang bigat eh.

So the other night, I weighed it.


Anika’s school bag weighs 40 lbs. I weighed Anika. She weighs 50 lbs.

I read from this certain health website that kids’ bags’ weight should not exceed 10% of their body weight otherwise it can alter the alignment of the kids’ posture and increase the strain on their spine. It can also cause fatigue and pain.

Compute, compute: Anika’s bag is 75% of her body weight!

Kahit na ba she brings a stroller bag, mabigat pa din eh. I tried pulling her bag all the way from the parking in CSA to her classroom, mabigat mga bakla. Ako na yun ha? Wala pa diyan yung mga times that she has to carry it up ng konti pagnadaan siya dun sa mga paakyat na walang ramp. And, wala pa diyan yung weight ng lunch box niya and her water jug.

Kawawa naman.

Ang akin lang, why doesn’t the school make na lang the kids leave the books in the classroom. They each have naman cubby holes. Then, let them bring na lang the books, notebooks and folders home if they need to study for it or if may homework or exams.

Di ba?

Anyway, my last concern is that the students were asked to bring 40 small or 20 big empty tetra packs for additional grade in their Science projects.

Nung una, I didn’t want to bring because I don’t let Anika drink too much of these juices kasi ang daming sugar. Forty talaga yung kailangan for this term eh. However, I saw that the parents in our class viber group were collecting tetra packs. Since competitive ako and I don’t like the thought na baka si Anika lang yung walang additional grade, I decided to bring na lang.

I bought forty pieces of juices and had my staff drink them all.



It was either that or mangolekta ako sa trash ng kapitbahay ng mga discarded empty tetra packs.

Hay. We will be doing this for two more terms.

I know they will be recycling these or selling them for a profit to be donated to the less fortunate but sana the school has other options also how to help.

Like, bakit hindi recycled clothes na lang ang i-collect? Madami ako niyan. Then i-donate sa less fortunate din.

Or, bring small but not broken toys then i-donate sa Pedia Cancer ward ng mga public hospitals. I got this idea from my friend Eli. She shared something in FB na parang to bring these kinds of toys to the kids of the pedia cancer ward in PGH. Binibigay ng mga doctors and nurses yung mga small toys after mag-chemo ng bata para they have at least something to look forward to after the chemo session. I’m sure Anika and her classmates have a lot of toys sa bahay.

Di ba?!

Hindi kasi masyado nagme-make sense yung bibili ka ng tetra pack juices, uubusin para lang may madala.

So weird.

Kayo? Ano ang mga weird things that your kids’ schools make you do?

Where I Get My Bento Making Stuff

According to the hastag #AnikasBaonToday in Instagram, I already made 23 different kinds of baon for Anika.

23 days…

It has also been 23 days that I have been getting up earlier to do her baon.

I’m so proud.

I thought kasi sa una lang ako gaganahan since I’ve been always like that. Excited and over eager at first then will lose interest after a while. Pero hindi pala.

How I will decorate her baon actually is the first thing I think about the moment I open my eyes in the morning.

FYI, hindi madali maging creative while pupungas pungas ka pa ha.


Thank you everyone who have been leaving nice comments on my IG and FB page.

  1. Opo, I enjoy what I’m doing.
  2. Simple lang talaga my designs because I am not an artistic person. Kaya nga ako nag-Engineering eh. Maarte ako pero hindi sa arts. Sa luho and katawan lang po ako maarte. Nevertheless, I am an example that anybody can try and make a nice set of baon for their kids. Whatever ang hitsura niyan, since it is made with love, magugustuhan yan ng mga bata.
  3. To those of you who are still asking, I got the stainless steel baunan from the Kids Section of Rustan’s in Alabang Town Center. They cost around 900 to 1k each. I don’t know the brand. The round Hello Kitty lalagyan is from Lock and Lock.

One day, Anika went home na may tira pa sa baon.

ME: Anika, ubusin mo baon mo everyday. Pinaghihirapan ko yan gawin every morning.

ANIKA: Nanay, eh di wag mo na lang po gawin.

Aba! Lekat tong batang ito.

She must have seen that I was about to get angry with her reply, biglang..

“Nanay, ayaw kasi kitang nahihirapan…”

Nambola pa! Manang mana sa Tatay.

I explained to her that I want to make her baon because I enjoy it. At the same time, I want to be sure that she’s eating while in school.

After that, nauubos naman na niya her baon.

Eto na.

The daughter of one of my office mates reads my blog so she knows Anika. She goes to CSA also and she sometimes see Anika during dismissal time.

One day daw when she passed by Anika’s school bus, nandun daw ang lola niyo. Namimigay ng baon sa mga bus mates! Meron pa daw kasamang “Here you go.. Here you go.. Here you go..” habang inaabot.

Kaya pala nauubos yung food!

I asked her yaya about this. While true daw that Anika shares her baon, nagbibigay din daw kasi ng baon yung mga bus mates niya. So parang share share sila.


Okay naman pala kung ganun. I thought pinapamigay niya food niya kasi baka pagalitan ko kasi hindi nauubos. Hehehe.

Anyways, to those of you naman who are asking where I get my bento tools, eto sila mga muthers.

This Cookie Cutter Set I got from Gourdo’s for only Php 160. Hindi pala mahal sa Gourdo’s.


These steel cookie cutters box set is also from Gourdo’s. I got them for Php 240.


These punchers are from Daiso. Ang alam ko Php 88 each lang sila.


I wanna thank Wowa for being supportive of my bento making. She read about it and found out that I need Nori. So binigyan niya ako ng limpak limpak na Nori from S&R.


It was also super thoughtful of Wowa to compile photos and recipes of different kinds of bento online.


I also want to thank the Bento Mommas for sending over all these bento tools! You guys should follow their FB and IG account. Ang dami niyong matututunan plus you will be able to keep track of their different bento sessions where you can join.


I ordered naman these tools from @Bentoshopph. From Japan yan kaya naman fail na fail yung pag-order ko ng recipe book. Malamang Hapon din yung sulat niyan sa loob. Hindi ko na-anticipate. Nyar.


So there you go muthers!

You do not actually need a lot of things. Basta may mga cookie cutters kayo, picks, silicon na lalagyan and dividers, I think you are good to go. Diyan muna kayo mag-umpisa then if you wanna take it to the next level, saka na kayo mag-buy ng more =)

Have fun in bento making! Share your bento ideas as well ha para pwede naming gayahin!

Have a nice day!

Weekend Chikka

Hey guys! I missed you all so much!!!

I had to check my blog when was the last time I wrote a new blog entry. Four days ago pa pala.


I’m so sorry for the lack of posts, mga kumares. I know pangit naiipon ang chikka. Nawawala ang momentum. But I can’t bring myself to blog na at night. Pagoda cold wave lotion na ang peg ko. Hindi na talaga ako mapakinabangan. And then I wake up at 4:30 am to prepare Anika’s baon. With that, I can’t blog na also during lunch time at the office. Nandun ako sa car ko natutulog. I feel so tired everyday.

Bakit kamo?

Lintek ang school work and homeworks ni Anika everyday! I know I have ranted about this already pero hindi pa talaga ako tapos! I can’t believe how busy kids are at school nowadays. I’m sure ganyan na ganyan din tayo nung nag-aaral pa pero, it all feels weird for me now.

I swear, exage. Sunod sunod ang short quizzes. Ang daming pinapa-memorize na prayers and songs. Naaawa tuloy ako sa bata. Though I pity her, I don’t show it. Baka gawin niya kasing excuse yun not to study. Instead, I encourage her to review. Pero hindi yung pressure levels. I had a change of heart when it comes to my strategy in reviewing Anika for her quizzes and exams.

I read this article kasi na nakapagpa-tagos sa puso ko.

There was this little girl daw. They had a test in school. After she answered, she went to the teacher to have it checked. Teacher marked one item wrong. The child got upset. She went back to her seat and changed her answer. She went back to her teacher. The teacher asked why she changed her answer. The little girl said that she is scared to bring home a test that doesn’t have a perfect score because her mom might get mad at her.

Ayoko naman maging ganyan si Anika.

Encouraging mudra na ang peg ko ngayon hindi na Tiger Mom. I assure Anika that as long as I saw that she studied hard, I will not mind mistakes in the test. Basta we know that she tried her best. Tama din naman talaga si Alvin eh. Though may weight talaga ang grades, hindi yan ang sole batayan ng success ng tao. When I look around, ang dami kong classmates before who didn’t excel in school pero ang bibig-time na ngayon. May factor pa din ang diskarte sa buhay and that is the thing that we should learn to teach our kids.

Anyway, everything I just does not matter last Sunday. We studied on a Sunday because it’s MT week. MT means Mastery Test. They have this twice in a term in Anika’s school.

We started studying at 9am after breakfast and ended at 10:30 am.

We worked hard so Alvin took us to the mall.


This is what I wore.


White Polo: UNIQLO; Shorts: FOREVER 21; Sandals: RENEGADE FOLK; Bag: TORY BURCH; Bracelets: CALL IT SPRING

Nice my new Tory Burch sling bag ano? 5k lang yan. Second hand kasi but it looks so new. Walang mga tama and it was well taken cared of by the first owner. It even came with the original dust bag.

Okay din to buy second hand high end bags especially if you are like me na nanghihinayang to spend limpak limpak for a bag. Tingin tingin din kayo sa paligid niyo especially diyan sa mga second hand bag stores and websites. You just have to be sure that the bags that they are selling are authentic.

I check The Bag Hub often. There are only three kinds of bags na inaabangan ko dun na ibenta ng mura: the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, Mulberry Alexa and the Givenchy Nightingale.

I use them as motivation to work harder.


I have been making abang for months kaso hindi talaga bumababa sa price na gusto ko. I need a miracle. But while waiting for that, life goes on.

Back to last weekend.

We missed the Ghostbusters movie showing time so we just had lunch and played at Timezone. I got addicted to the “Flappy Bird” type of game and the Crossy Road video game. Apart from being good at it, the machine spits out so many tickets in one game! Alvin and I eventually left me there because I didn’t want to leave.


I only stood up nung naubos yung load ng Timezone card ko. I reloaded it to play more kaso I passed by the photo booth. The three of us hammed it up for the camera. Please do not mind Alvin’s poses. Hindi kasi siya sanay magphoto booth so when I said scary face, scary talaga ang ginawa niya. Para siyang nasapian. See first photo on the right column. When I said naman funny face, yan naman ang ginawa niya. See second photo in the first column. Siya lang ang natawa sa ginawa niya. When I said naman pa-cute, nagpa-cute face siya. See third photo in the first column. Yan pala ang pa-cute fez niya. Nevertheless, ang pogi pa din talaga ng asawa ko. He is ageing well.


I also want to share that Call It Spring is on sale and there are so many flats and wedges there that are sooooo nice!


This was the pair that I got.


I was supposed to get a pair of wedges pero parang yun na lang kasi lagi ang suot ko. Maiba naman kaya I bought that. It was on sale for only Php 2,100. The original price was Php 2,995. I was satisfied with my purchase until my cousin-in-law from Canada told me that she saw the same pair in their mall for only around Php 1,800 when converted to peso. PLUS may additional pa daw na 40% off!

Shet. I wanna go to Canada. Wasakan ng wallet ang peg dun.

So there. Yan ang chikka ko for tonight. More to come pa. Standby lang ha?

Mwah! Mwah! Good night everyone!

Our First ToyCon Experience

ALVIN: Babe, ano ka ba! Hindi sila si Bioman!

ME: Ano ka ba?! Bioman kaya yan! Siya si Red 1 and yun naman si Pink 5!

ALVIN: Power Rangers yan! Hindi Bioman!

ME: Ah Power Rangers ba? Akala ko sila yung mga naka-sakay sa Voltez 5

ALVIN: Babe, hindi Bioman ang naka-sakay sa Voltez 5. Sino nga ba Voltez 5? Ah si Steve yung lalaki dun. Yung babae, ano nga ulit pangalan nun?

ME: Si Princess! Si Princess yun!

ALVIN: Anak ng pating! Hindi Voltez 5 yung princess! Voltron yun! Bakit ka ba na-invite dito sa ToyCon?!

Hindi ko din alam.


But Alvin, Anika and I had so much fun going around the ToyCon that happened last June 10-12 at the SMX Convention Center.

Let’s photo blog, shall we? =)










Eto. Akala ko sila si Bioman. Power Rangers pala!






Si Alvin nag-enjoy kasi ang daming girls na naka-tangga!









Thank you so much Smart Communications for inviting us! =)

Are Kids Being Given So Many Schoolwork Nowadays?

I really like this dress I ordered from Seek the Uniq.


Dress: SEEK THE UNIQ; Shoes: KEDS; Sunglasses: BOUGHT IN TOKYO

It’s a no brainer outfit. It’s effortless and comfortable. And admit it mga bakla, it’s forgiving to the figure. Tago ang tummy and love handles =) That is the main reason why I love tunics. I can be not conscious in tucking in my tummy all the time. Hehe.

Shop or window shop for Seek The Uniq clothes and accessories here.

Anyway, I have kwento.

I had a dinner meeting at work last night. I called Alvin to tell him that Anika has three short quizzes the next day. Siya na muna ang magreview sa bata.

Oo, three. Wala bang law against giving 6 year olds more than 2 quizzes a day?! Tragis. Kawawa these kids. Giving quizzes, walang problema but giving a lot in a day? Hindi ba ma-burn-out ang mga batang ito?

I shall dwell about that in a while.

Anyway, I told Alvin to make sure Anika studies. Apart from the three quizzes, there were readings also that she had to do that night.

Alvin told me that Anika was sleeping. I checked my watch and it read 530pm.

According to Anika’s yaya and according to Alvin, Anika slept in the school bus on their way home. When she got home, dumapa dun sa ottoman in the living room and fell asleep. Alvin saw her. He woke her up and told her to transfer in the sofa. Anika transferred to the sofa and continued sleeping. Alvin told me that she will let Anika sleep lang muna until 6:30pm. Baka daw pagod. Around 7:30pm, I learned that Anika was still sleeping. Alvin and I were texting while I was in the dinner meeting. Wala naman daw sakit. Ayaw lang talaga gumising so he transferred Anika to our bed. I told Alvin na to let Anika sleep na lang. I said matalino naman yung anak namin. Kaya na niya yan tom without studying. Inisip ko kasi, ako nga pumapasa before kahit hindi nag-aaral eh. Maybe Anika will pass her short quizzes kahit hindi siya mag-aral just this once.

I went home around past 930pm. I saw Anika sleeping still in her inner sando and school skirt. Alvin saw na tumaas kilay ko kasi heller, hindi man lang binihisan ng pang bahay, di ba? He immediately said that ayaw daw ni Anika magpagalaw so they didn’t change her clothes. She was sleeping soundly. Alvin left the room while I stared at Anika.

I poked her.

Hindi gumalaw.

I poked her again.

Hindi gumalaw.

Kinabahan ako.

Niyugyog ko nga.

Ayun gumalaw. She grumbled in her sleep and faced away from me.


Natakot ako.


Alvin went back to the room. We stared at Anika.

Alvin said naaawa siya kay Anika. This is the first time this has happened. She looked so exhausted. She wasn’t even able to eat dinner kasi she just wanted to sleep daw.

Is this still part of the adjustment phase of being in Grade School or exage talaga ang school work nila?

Balik tayo dun sa school work.

I’m discussing this now with you because I am comparing how she was in Senior Kinder last year versus in Grade 1 now. I observed that this year’s a lot more toxic compared to last year.

First, they are in school the whole day. Last year, Anika leaves the house at 10am and she’s already home by 4pm.

Second, I noticed that they copy a lot of things everyday. I was told that as soon as she arrives in school in the morning, they copy na agad what’s written in the Diary section of the board. I was also told that sa sobrang dami nilang sinusulat, some of the kids do not finish on time and have to stay in the classroom longer (to finish copying) than those who finished copying earlier.

Third, ang dami nilang homeworks and readings!!! It’s like double or triple the number of their daily homeworks last year!

With the time Anika arrives from school plus her state na pagod na, we can’t do our study habits last year. Last year kasi, keribelles pa to study what they did that day AND do advance readings. Ngayon, wala na. We just do what it says in the diary. Yan na lang ang kaya.

My questions are:

One, is this normal for all traditional schools nowadays? I studied in the school where Anika is studying now. I don’t remember doing so many things. Which leads me to my question number two:

Am I just like this because Nanay ako? OA lang ako? Or overprotective kay Anika? Normal lang talaga what’s happening now to Anika kasi ganyan din naman tayo dati when we were studying?

You’re thoughts mommies? Are we in a similar situation?

The New Smart And PLDT Logo Unveiling


Leading Philippine telecom and digital services provider PLDT and its mobile subsidiary, Smart Communications, welcome a new day with a fresh brand identity that reflects their desire to empower their customers who are increasingly embracing digital services in their daily lives.

PicMonkey Collage


The new logo symbolizes the powerful convergence of PLDT and Smart, combining fixed and wireless technologies to serve individual and enterprise customers.

The new PLDT and Smart logo is shaped like a triangle with the three sides representing the Company’s business pillars – exceptional people, meaningful innovations, and our valuable customers.

The triangle is also the symbol for Delta, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, which stands for “Change”.

The new logo also comes with the recent change in name of the company from “Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company” into “PLDT Inc.” to better represent the company’s current thrust to decisively shift its business to data-driven services.

PLDT-Smart has embarked on a three-year digital pivot that aims to transform its networks into the country’s most data capable infrastructure delivering a growing array of compelling digital services.

This year alone, the Group has allocated P43 billion for capital expenditures. Around $100 million more in capex will likely be earmarked, following the acquisition of the telecoms business of San Miguel Corp. which included the utilization of the so-called digital dividend, the 700 MHz frequency band.

PLDT and its various subsidiaries such as Voyager Innovation and Talas Data Intelligence are also developing and offering digital and financial technology services that offer the Group’s customers higher levels of efficiencies and convenience.

For more information, like Smart Communications Facebook Page.

Postpartum Depression

I’m sorry. I cannot remember if I have already posted this outfit. If not yet, here it is. If yes already, I really can’t remember so I’m reposting it. So nice kasi my top here.


Top: STRADIVARIUS; Pants: UNIQLO; Shoes: bought from NATURALIZER

Stradivarius actually has nice clothes. They are on sale last weekend. Hindi ko nga lang na-career. Next time maybe.

Anyway, a lot of soon to be moms and new moms are asking me about postpartum depression. Ano daw yun? What can they do to prepare for it?

Like any depression, postpartum depression is hard to expain to people who never had it. It can always be assumed as arte lang or as a weakness. They are very wrong. Para sa mga nangangailangan there, here is my experience with post partum depression. Sana makatulong.

From, it is almost normal daw to feel sad after childbirth. Almost 80% of new mothers experience baby blues. This actually happens up to two weeks after giving birth. Eto daw yung iyakin ka, anxious and hindi ka makakatulog.

If your sadness persists beyond two weeks, you might have Postpartum Depression na.

From Wikipedia, Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a type of clinical depression which can affect both sexes after childbirth. Symptoms may include sadness, low energy, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced desire for sex, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability.

When I learned that I was pregnant, I worried more about postpartum depression than learning how to breastfeed.

Praning na praning ako to have postpartum depression since I have a history of anxiety depression.  I asked by OB about it. She confirmed my haka-haka. She said that since I had a history of depression, this may cause or trigger PPD given the hormones are all over the place during the 3rd trimester until giving birth.

What did I do to prepare for it?

One, I read a lot about it. As in basa ako ng basa online. I forced Alvin to read about it too. However, since my husband is so lazy to read, I read the articles to him. Tinatagalog ko para may impact. Hahaha!

Two, I made sure that Alvin understood what postpartum depression is. After battling anxiety depression, I know that it is important to have a support system during that time. You will need a lot of understanding and support from your loved ones for you to get over it. I told Alvin what to expect. I told him that if I cry ng walang dahilan, wag siyang matataranta or ma-ooffend. I asked him to just hug me and to just say encouraging words. Wag niya kako ako aawayin. It will not be helpful.

After I gave birth, eto na.

I suddenly found myself alone in the room with Anika. She was crying and crying. I was running on a two hour sleep. My cesarian wound was aching. Ang pangit ko. Ang taba ko. My nipples ached. Basang basa ang t-shirt ko with all the milk coming out. I wanted to pee but cannot because the maid was taking a bath in the bathroom. Wala si Alvin, pumasok sa office.

I lost it.

Parang everything went back to normal for everyone except me.

I was hirap na hirap, scared and frustrated.

Ang Alvin nasa office.

Hell broke loose when he came back home. Para akong nasapian.

I cried and cried. I was throwing things around pero quietly. Tulog si Anika eh. I was so mad! Sabi ko feeling ko single mother ako!

Nagpaka-Vilma Santos ako! Best actress levelz. Kung hindi lang masakit ang tahi ko, nagpa-dausdos din ako sa likod ng door namin.

Good thing Alvin was briefed well about postpartum depression. He hugged me and almost always went home early after that dramarama show that I did. He minded Anika and let me sleep for a couple of house. Malaking bagay yun.

On my part, I fought my postpartum depression like I fought my anxiety depression before. This one’s easier though because I kept on thinking that I needed to get a grip and get well agad kasi may umaasa sa akin na bata. Although comparing, milder ang postpartum ko kaysa sa anxiety depression. Either that or I know na kasi to handle it na that time.

To give due credit to my husband, I have to say that I was able to recover quickly because of him. He really did his part. He took care of Anika a couple of times so that I can rest. He took me out to dinner para maka-labas. He listened to my whining. He comforted and hugged me. He extended his patience and understanding so we wouldn’t fight. In short, hindi niya ako pinatulan.

He supported me in that stage. And I really appreciated it.

From this website, I got a list of the strongest predictors of postpartum depression:

  • bouts of intense anxiety or depression while you were pregnant, particularly in the third trimester
  • prior history of depression or anxiety
  • family history of depression or anxiety
  • marital difficulties
  • stressful life events such as financial problems or the loss of a job
  • childcare stress
  • inadequate social support
  • having to care for a child with a difficult temperament
  • low self-esteem

Ako naman, apart from the list above, basta if you feel that something is wrong, just talk to your husband or mother or close friends. Ilabas mo yang feelings mo. Surround yourself with people who love you. It will help a lot. And stay away from negative people and from those who agitate you. Wag mo silang papasukin ng bahay mo.

Finally, remember that this negative feeling will pass. Try not to dwell on it. Focus on your adorable baby and how much he or she needs you.

Malalagpasan mo yan, promise.

Remember, a happy baby needs a happy mommy!

Baon Sharing: Mommy Dahlee

Thank you Mommy Dahlee for these bento ideas!

ButterflyGardenia bread with Cheez Wiz spread, marshmallow, flower ham, froot loops, rice with beef and broccoli


Burger with homemade patties, cheese, rice with hotdog shaped in octopus and crab plus homemade dumplings


Assorted cupcakes, mallows, jellies, rice which I put food coloring and ham and egg rolls.


Gardenia with Cheez Wiz and ham for the minion sandwich, rice and nuggets plus nori for the designs


Potatoes, ube and cheese bread, marshmallows, rice and hotdogs


“A mother is a person who, seeing that there are four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”  -Tenneva Jordan

Dear Anika: Things To Know Before Having A Boyfriend

Sulit din ang bili ko sa Salt Water sandals ni Anika. At first, you would think that it will not make bagay to a lot of clothes pero it goes with anything din talaga.



Either that or ang cute lang kasi ni Anika and bagay sa kaniya lahat. Hehe.

Anyway, may chikka ako.

A couple of weeks ago, I was surprised when I opened my Facebook. I had a friend request from an ex-boyfriend from way, way back. Natigilan ako ng slight.

And then biglang I heard Celine Dion singing in the background: “It’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me now..”.



Nah, it’s all good guys. I’m over it for decades.

This ex became my boyfriend two years after Alvin broke up with me (to concentrate daw in his studies) the first time we got together in 1994. While Alvin and I were in a relationship for only 3 months, etong ex ko na ito, we were together for almost 3 years.

Being so young, naive and all, I fell hard for this one. He was tall, dark and handsome. He was really good at playing basketball (though for me, Alvin plays point guard better than him). Best of all, patay na patay siya sa akin that time.

Or so I thought.

Everything was so kilig the first months. I was so smitten by him. I would doodle his name in my notebooks the whole day. I would do the F.L.A.M.E.S. thing with our names and would not stop until it says married. Hahahaha! Loka loka lang talaga. He would watch all my volleyball games no matter where we were playing. He would come over our house as often as he can. We were almost always together. It was puppy love at it’s sweetest form.

Or so I thought.

Everything was okay until my friends told me that he was cheating on me with someone from his school. That broke my heart. I thought masakit na yung ipagpalit ka sa studies (Alvin, hahaha!) but this one hurt so bad, I couldn’t breathe. In fairness, he apologized and did everything to win me back. He would call the house all the time, go to my school to wait for me even though I would not go with him, go to my games even though hindi ko naman kinakausap. After a while, I gave in. Mahina kasi ako sa ganyan. All was good again pagkatapos nun.

Or so I thought.

To make the story short, he cheated on me three more times after that. I forgave him three more times too. I thought normal kasi yun. And I forgave and forgave because I couldn’t stand the thought of us not being together. I looked up to him and confided to him about everything. We did all things together. I felt nobody will like me pagnawala siya. What do you expect? That’s what you get when you enter a relationship at a very young age. Telling this to you now made me realize that Wowa was right talaga dati. She didn’t want me having boyfriends at an early age. I think she just gave in with this one kasi she knows I’ll have a boyfriend anyway. She gave in para she can monitor closely. Tama naman. I will do the same with Anika.

Anyway, I eventually got out of that toxic relationship but not without learnings. Though I wasn’t able to apply those learnings agad in my next relationships, at least I have something for Anika if ever time comes.

Hence, my Dear Anika for today.

Dear Anika,

Sweetheart, one day, hopefully when you’re done in school and are already working, you will have a boyfriend. I hope before then, you will be able to read these advice for you. Wag ka mag-alala anak, kahit hindi mo siguro ito mabasa, ibabaon ko ang mga ito sa utak mo.

One, please, never chase love. Do not chase anybody for love, period. Remember when you were little and you were playing tag? When you’re “it”, you run after somebody and then you stop and go back to me to cry because you tell me you’re frustrated because you cannot catch the person. I told you that there is a reason why you’re running after that person. Kasi kako your playmate is running away from you kaya you couldn’t catch him/her. Ganyan din sa love, anak. If you chase and chase it, chances are it will run away from you. Pagminalas malas ka pa, you catch somebody not right for you. You won’t want that. Have patience. Love will come to you at the right timing. Maniwala ka sa akin.

Two, always remember that you are enough. You do not have to change for somebody in order for him to love you. Do not change to please anyone. You will see how great it is to be loved for who you are. There was a boy dati who said gusto daw niya mahihinhin na mga babae. Eh ang pogi so naging mahinhin ako around him. You know me. Mahinhin is the last adjective you can describe me. But I tried for the sake of him liking me. My friends thought I was always constipated because I wasn’t acting normally. In the end, I didn’t get the guy. Ayaw niya sa mukhang constipated.

Three, a boy will do anything if he likes you. Kahit busy yan, he will always find time for you. He will move mountains, makasama ka lang if gusto ka niya talaga. Madami din magiging rason yan if he doesn’t like you so you have to be alert in identifying which is which. Also, do not make it easy for them to have you. Ang peg natin dito anak is “pagmay tiyaga, may nilaga.”.

Four, do not settle with anyone just because you want to be in a relationship. Anika, Wowa has told me this so many times that it is already etched in my brain. I will tell this to you too. You are a terrific person. You are a great catch. At this point, I know you are an educated, intelligent, well-rounded, beautiful and fine woman. Any guy will be lucky to have you so do not settle just for the sake of having a boyfriend.

Five, pick somebody who has other great traits apart from being gwapo. Wag mo na akong gayahin diyan dahil madaming beses na ako napaso kaka-pili ng gwapo. Pick somebody who is smart and who can challenge you intellectually. Pick somebody who’s into sports. Pick somebody who is passionate about something. Pick somebody who has a good relationship with his mother. Pick somebody who is respectful, God-fearing and honest. Pick somebody who can make you laugh. Pick somebody who can make you feel special even with simple ways. Pick somebody who will not restrict you. Pick somebody na may goal in life. Pick somebody who makes you a better person. Lastly, pick somebody who you are absolutely in love with. Anything less than that should be a waste of your time.

Six, with all the items in number 5, you will have to understand that you have to know the person muna before entering a relationship with them. Best if you can be friends with him first. Good friends make great boyfriends. Magandang foundation yan. Basta bottom line, wag kang magmadali. In line with this anak, I encourage you to not to decide on the one agad. Go on dates. Hell, you can even fall in love more than once. Trial and error din kasi yan. The more people you meet, the more you realize who you want and what you want from a relationship. Pero anak, may border dito ha? This doesn’t me that you go out with anybody who will ask you out. See item #4 above.

Seven, once you are in a relationship, do not give your all. Do not lose yourself in the relationship. Like, cliche man pero magtira ka lagi for yourself. Sigurista tayo eh. In case things won’t end in a happy ending, you have pieces pa with you to build on and start all over again.

Eight, respect yourself first. Yan ang una. When people see that, they will give proper respect to you too.

Nine, wait before having sex. This will be discussed further.

Ten, always, always remember that I will always be here for you no matter what. You can tell me everything. Let me guide you. Guide lang naman because this early (you are 6 years old as I am writing this), your Tatay and I are trying our best to instill good values in you. I know you will make sound decisions when you grow up. But if you come to me about love, I promise I will not be judgmental of your choice in men. I will not promise though that I will keep to myself all my opinions about him or your relationship. You are my only child. It is my self-imposed obligation to keep an eye on you no matter how old you get.

That’s it. I love you Anika.