On Doing Our Best

I am happy when my blog readers tell me that they buy the things that they saw here in my blog that I use.

That means kasi I’m becoming an influential person.

Gusto ko yun kasi with that, I know, mas marami akong pwedeng ma-influence to help the less fortunate. Meaning, I can influence you to help me help other less fortunate people. Ganern.

I feel that I am blessed. Wag na nating i-hashtag dahil gasgas na gasgas na yan. But when I think about it, I am very happy already because (knock on wood) wala naman sa amin ang may sakit. We are able to eat at least 3 times a day. We are able to send Anika to one of the best schools in the country. We have shelter and clothes. There are so many things to be thankful for. Kaya naman, one night, when Alvin shared his anxieties about our finances, sabi ko sa kanya, we are okay. We have savings. May trabaho kami. Kailangan lang talaga i-maintain and wag pumetiks. Hindi ko naman hinahangad maging like super yaman levelz. Though pagmananalo ako sa lotto, hindi ko din naman tatanggihan yan. Hindi naman ako tanga. But I told Alvin that at this point, what we should be thinking about is how to help other people na. Di ba, mga bakla? Share the blessings.

Apart from the less fortunate, by being an influencer, I am also able to help other Filipina mompreneurs with their businesses. Kaya talaga pagmommy na may business, hindi ko matanggihan i-advertise (after I try their products of course). And when I like them, talagang todo promote ako. Mahirap maging Nanay. We all know that. Kaya mas mahirap maging mompreneur. Imagine how a mompreneur juggle all the things that she has to do everyday.

Naisip ko lang lahat yan because I recently received a lot of emails and messages that they started buying Cole Vintage clothes because of me.

Ganda naman talaga kasi their dresses.



One request that I have is that when you buy from like Cole Vintage, please let them know that you heard them from me. Para naman hindi nila isipin na iniimbento ko lang lahat ng ito.


Anyway, intro lang yan. That is really not my kwento.

Around two weeks ago, Anika was chosen to be the representative of their class for the Isahang Pagkukwento Contest. We practiced and practiced for it. Si Alvin mostly yung nagturo.

If you are following me in Instagram and Facebook, I posted there how Anika practiced for her Isahang Pagkukwento. Magaling and maganda. May actions, proper diction and malakas yung boses niya.

On the day of the contest, I brought her to school. Nag-one last rundown pa kami. It was perfect.

That night, when I got home, kinamusta ko.

ME: Anika, how was the contest?

ANIKA: I did it kaso not the way we practiced.

ME: Why?

ANIKA: I was shy eh.

ME: Can you do it again pero like how you did it kanina?

She recited the story again.

However, unlike the one we practiced, she had her head bowed down all the time, her hand clasped behind her and her voice was very soft. Wala. Malayo dun sa napanood niyo sa IG and FB ko.

After she finished, I didn’t say anything. Samantalang si Alvin,

ALVIN: Wow! Very good! That was very nice! Good job Anika! Good job!


Alvin looked at me as if to say gayahin ko siya.


It’s not right.

No. No. No.

ME: Anika, can I talk to you?  Alone?

Alvin shot me again a look.

ALVIN: Wag mong pagalitan.

Hindi ko papagalitan. Pero hindi ko din kukunsintihin. Why would I tell her she did a good job eh obviously she didn’t naman? It’s wrong. It’s wrong to over-praise your kids. It’s especially wrong to tell them that they did a good job at something na miski sila alam nila na hindi. She might carry that attitude until she grows older. Siya din ang mahihirapan someday. Why give her false praises?

So no.

Hindi ko papalagpasin ito.

I brought Anika to her room because Alvin didn’t want to leave our room.

I showed her the video that I took that I posted in IG. The one where she was practicing the Isahang Pagkukwento with gusto.

ME: Can you see the difference between that one and the one that you did in school kanina?


ME: Would you agree with me that you didn’t do a good job kanina sa school compared to what you really can do?

ANIKA: Yes Nanay.

ME: Why didn’t you do it like how we practiced?

ANIKA: I was shy. I was the very first one to do it and I was shy.

Okay. I understand.

Nevertheless, I explained to her that I wasn’t happy with what she did. I am proud that she was her class representative but I told her that I know that she could have done better.

She agreed naman with me.

I also told her that it doesn’t make me love her any less. Love na love ko siya kaya I want her to do her best lagi. I don’t care if she wins or loses the contest. What matters to me is that she did her best.

Does that make me a Tiger Mom?

For me hindi. I just cannot bring myself to give false praises.

Hindi yun magiging maganda for her ego and for how she will perceive what a good job is.

What do you mommies think?

#SmartAllOutSurf30: Iba Talaga Ang Kumpleto


Who can forget the Eraserheads Band from the 90s?!


Eraserheads, a Filipino Rock Band is consists of (L to R): Raimund Marasigan, Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro and Buddy Zabala.

Sa mga bagets diyan, the Eraserheads was one of the most influential and most successful band in our time. They were the ones who sung Pare Ko, Magasin, Toyang, Ang Huling El Bimbo and Ligaya. Alvin loves them and he still plays their songs in his guitar.

However, in 2002, Ely quit the band and Eraserheads was never the same again.

The last time the Eraserheads performed together on one stage was in 2009. Recently, Smart was able to bring them back together for a special private performance.

After so many years, check out how Smart got all the members of the Eraserheads band together in this video.

Taas balahibo ano?!

Individually, Ely, Marcus, Raymund, and Buddy are talented artists but together as the Eraserheads, they are legendary. Their time apart has only served to hone their talents and personalities.

Iba kasi talaga ang kumpleto.

Just like the Smart All Out Surf 30.


This is the first complete call, text and data offer for Prepaid! For P30, prepaid subscribers get 2 days of:

·         300MB data with FREE Facebook

·         Unlimited text to all networks

·         30 minutes free calls to Smart, TNT and Sun.

Now, there’s no need to choose between call, text, and mobile data. You can have it all with ALLOUTSURF 30, the first promo offer to give subscribers what they want and need.

For more information about ALLOUTSURF 30 and other promos, go to smart.com.ph/alloutsurf. To avail, text ALLOUT30 to 9999


Hi from Ms. Poopy Fleur.

God. I’ve been pooping water since 2am yesterday morning.

Worse, I started vomiting too.

Yan ang pinaka-kinakatakot ko. That is the worst combination ever: LBM and throwing up. Ang hirap makabangon sa ganyang sakit.

Expert na kasi ako guys sa sakit sa stomach. I have had it since I was a dalaga. I know if LBM lang keri na. But pagnangasim na sikmura ko and I start throwing up, papunta nang hell yun.

Yesterday morning, I felt I was dying already. I was literally so lata na. I woke up Alvin because I couldn’t move my body. I couldn’t walk to the bathroom to poop. I was crying because my body was aching so much. The doctor later on told me that it’s because of dehydration. Alvin decided to take me to the ER after I told him that I was seeing white na. May mga white spots akong nakikita.

When we got to the ER, the nurse asked me how many times I’ve pooped that morning. Sabi ko 12 times then I wanted to poop again so magiging 13 times. I threw up 6 times.

They ushered me to one of the hospital beds in the hallway of the ER. Grabe, there were so many patients! Kulang yung mga ER rooms so they put beds na along the hallway. They put dextrose on me which hurt so much. They used a bigger needle daw kasi kaya masakit. The doctor ordered for a fast dextrose drip kaya malaking needle ang kailangan. Fast nga talaga mga bakla. I could feel na umaagos yung liquid sa arm ko.


I threw up three more time while I was there. It was green na. Sorry TMI. Alvin wanted to calmed me down so he told me ganyan din daw siya pagmay hangover. I didn’t have anything na anymore in my tummy kaya daw ganun. They also got blood from me so they can check for my Potassium level. They will admit me daw if sobrang baba.

I was shaking because I was so cold. I didn’t eat anything during dinner the night before and I haven’t eaten anything since that morning. They gave me medicine for my body pain and vomiting through IV. It made me groggy so I fell asleep.

Alvin told me when I woke up that I was snoring so loud. Nakakahiya. Well, magLBM and sumuka ka ba naman ng magdamag, ewan ko if hindi ka mapagod.

My test results came back and the doctors said that it was normal daw. She sent me home with a lot of medicines to take.


My diagnosis was gastritis and dehydration due to diarrhea because of food poisoning.

So what did I eat ba?

I didn’t eat anything during dinner time so I know the last thing I ate was the culprit. It was a beef patty that I bought from a supermarket in Magallanes on my way home last Thursday. It’s not the hamburger patty ha? Eto yung parang empanada na malaki tapos beef yung nasa loob. I bought para ipasalubong for Alvin and Anika. I ate one while driving pauwi. I am thanking God hindi kinain ni Alvin and ni Anika yung uwi ko. At least ako lang.

I am never eating a beef patty ever.

I am feeling a little better now. However, I have not stopped pooping water. Nakakahilo din so minimal lang ang galaw ko. I eat lugaw all the time. I drink a lot of water. Whenever I poop, I drink water. I can’t drink Gatorade because it’s very sour and it makes my tummy acidic. I can’t drink Pedialite because I throw it up. Lasang panis na water eh.

I read just a while ago that apart from drinking a lot of fluids, people with diarrhea should eat as normally as possible. Basta wag lang siguro yung oily because nakakapoop yun more.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your well wishes! I read each and every one of them.

Thank you also to my Ate Lily who’s in Manila now from Hawaii. She gave me this super duper pretty Michael Korrs Navy Blue bag. Gusto ko na gumaling para makagala na para magamit ko na ito. Lelz.


Have a great weekend guys!

Anika’s Star Scout Investiture Ceremony

I have already told you that I was a Star Scout turned Junior Girl Scout turned Senior Girl Scout during my CSA days.

Therefore, it was very nostalgic for me to attend Anika’s Star Scout Investiture Ceremony last weekend.

Madami na din ang nagbago.

First, the investiture now is much simpler. Dati may nagdadala pa talaga ng flags to the stage. I remember being the one who brings the Philippine flag all the time.

Second, dati all Girl Scouts attend the investiture.

Third, we were in our green Girl Scout uniforms. Ngayon, they were only required to wear the white GSP shirt, school skirt, white socks and black shoes.

Speaking of uniform, we had a GSP uniform crisis that day.

They didn’t have a GSP shirt in Anika’s size days before the investiture. Friday pa daw magkakaron. I was a little relaxed because nakasalubong ko the GSP teacher ni Anika nung Wednesday. She said that they will sell naman daw on the day of the investiture so I said I’ll buy on the day na lang. Kaso hindi ako mapakali so I tried to go to CSA last Friday with a different car. Coding kasi my car on Fridays. Mag-aattempt sana ako bumili. However, I wasn’t allowed entry to Dasma through the Pasay Road Gate. Dun daw ako sa Lumbang entrance dumaan sa Pasong Tamo extension. Wala daw kasi akong sticker. I asked nicely saying it was an emergency. Nandun na ako sa point of begging. Kaso ayaw. I was so pissed because it was so traffic that day and ang layo ng iikutin ko. It will take me more than an hour to get to the gate they were pointing me to. Magsasara na yung CSA bookstore. Willing naman ako iwan yung driver’s license ko pero ayaw pa din. The worst part was that the security guard’s demeanor was sooo… Hay naku. Hindi bagay sa blog ko yung word na ipangdedescribe ko how he was to me. Gusto ko siyang sapakin because he was bordering bastos already. Ganyan sila sa mga cars and people going to CSA. Pinapahirapan nila.

Come to think of it, rules nga naman nila yun. Wag lang sana ganun ka angas and bastos. Akala mo naman kweba ng Yamashita’s treasure yung binabantayan nila.


I remember tuloy the Binay-Dasmarinas village incident way back. Yun naman kasi grabe. Binay was asking to be let out eh sarado na talaga yung gate na yun. That was the village rule. No more exiting that particular gate on that time. Hindi naman sila talaga tutubuan ng muscle to exit dun sa designated exit. Wala pa sigurong 10 minutes yung effort na yun. I think nabastusan lang din sila sa kausap nila kaya nagka-issue ng wagas.

Hay naku. Mga tao talaga.

Anyway, hindi ako masyadong kinabahan on the day given they’ll sell daw uniform. I just made Anika wear a white shirt. Bibili na lang kami dun sa investiture ceremony.

Eh hindi sila nagbenta.


Anika didn’t want to attend anymore. I was also going to be sworn in that day too as the school’s GSP Chairman so I was torn. Anika said that she didn’t want to go na kasi nahihiya siya. Sabi ko okay. Buti na lang dumating yung mga friends niya. They played for a while then okay na. Aakyat na daw siya sa stage. They just lent us a scarf for the ceremony during our turn.




She was crying before this photo was taken. Buti na lang ngumiti na.

I was surprised because they asked me and my fellow officers to come up the stage and sit beside Dra. Ronquillo and Fr. Rodriguez. They have already been in CSA since I started my kindergarten class there in 1985.


And then the investiture started. Hindi naman masyadong halata that Anika wasn’t wearing her GSP shirt.




We were sworn in.

I looked so fat in the photos that Alvin took. I just finished eating a hearty breakfast when I first saw these. Gusto ko ibalik yung kinain ko.

Why do I look so fat?! I’m only 10 lbs over my target weight! The fuzz.

Not only I look fat, I look so awkward on stage.




Anyway, and so the putting on the scarf started. Anika was first in line and nagka-tension ng slight because the teachers were borrowing a scarf from the other parents.


But I know, totally not my fault.

Anika looked so cute!


Sana lang sinama din ako ni Alvin sa mga photos.



I placed my face next to Anika para makasama talaga ako.


Congratulations Anika! You are now a full-fledged Star Scout like Nanay was =)


Random Ramblings On A Friday

When it comes to clothes, I would not mind paying more basta sobrang ganda ng damit.

Sobrang ganda means the fabric is nice, the cut doesn’t make me look fat and I can feel na nadadagdagan yung ganda points ko when I wear it.

Just like this Zara dress that I got for almost Php 3,000 na.


Dress: ZARA; Shoes: CALL IT SPRING; Sunglasses: FROM JAPAN

Kung titingnan mo, the dress looks very simple. I like it that way. In person, kakaiba yung fabric niya. It’s parang denim pero super lambot. I also noticed that the fabric has konting shine na hindi ko ma-explain. In short, kaka-iba siya. I love the dress talaga. Effortless pero ang lakas maka-feel shala.


Yuh, expensive na sa akin yung Php 3,000 na dress. Ako pa naman si, apart from wanting to look good, ako si ayaw umulit ng outfit when going out. As much as possible I want to wear something new. Kakaibang thrill kasi siya eh. Sa mga magba-bash na naman sa akin diyan, wag niyo na ituloy. Hindi naman ako namemerwisyo ng iba sa pagtutustos sa ka-hibangan ko na ito kaya shattap na kayo.

Anyway, this week is Anika’s Mastery Tests week at school. This is similar to the midterms exams sa ibang schools. Dito nga lang sa CSA, twice ang Mastery Tests before the finals.

Their schedule was supposed to be two exams per day from Wednesday to Friday. However, last Tuesday, the school sent a note that they changed the exams schedule to Thursday and Friday lang. That mean, three exams per day. Nakakasira ng bait. Why would they do that? Wala bang rule sa DepEd na two exams lang per day? Personally, three exams in a day is really too much. I don’t remember having more than two exams on the same day during my Grade School days. Mali di ba? I know hindi dapat natin i-baby yung mga kids pero this is too much. Hindi na siya makatarungan. Anika comes home at 6pm from school because of traffic. Pagod na pagod na yung bata. Then mag-aaral pa.

I also know na dapat we should study the exams beforehand para hindi cramming given that they gave the pointers last Friday. Pero ganun din eh. Even if you studied way before, irereview mo pa din talaga all the subjects the day before the test. Kamote.

Don’t get me wrong though. I do not complain about this in front of Anika. I don’t like her to feel inis sa school niya.

Kahit na super nakaka-inis talaga.

Isa pang nakaka-inis is etong mga times na gustong gusto mo ng lambing tapos walang naglalambing sayo? Ewan ko ba kasi bakit si Robin Padilla pa ang naging image peg nitong asawa ko. Pwede naman si John Lloyd. Or si Alden Richards. Ang lalambing nila eh.

Ang grouchy ko tuloy this week. Hindi ko talaga si Alvin pinapansin. He and I had this agreement before na since KSP talaga ako, sabihin ko na lang daw sa kanya if gusto ko ng lambing para lambingin niya ako. It worked for different times pero sometimes kasi gusto ko yung kusa eh. Alam niyo yun? Yung lambing na galing talaga sa jowa mo na hindi mo kailangan sabihin.

Hindi ko talaga pinapansin si Sombrero. Isang tanong, isang sagot lang ako. I wanted him to feel and realize na matagal niya na akong hindi linalambing. I don’t wait for him to sleep. Natutulog na ako agad with me sleeping facing away from him.

May three days din na ganyan.

Then finally last Wednesday, mukhang na-realize na niya bakit ang grouchy ko.

We were in our bedroom. Anika was already sleeping. I was lying on my back at him. Tumabi. Nagsnuggle. Inembrace ako.

Kinikilig na ako ng konti kasi heller, finally di ba?

Then he kissed me sa cheek then biglang sabi,

ALVIN: Babe, bakit amoy luya ka?!

Taena naman.

ME: Hindi luya yan! Ganyan ang amoy ng SK-ii na nilalagay ko sa mukha!

ALVIN: Wag mo na gamitin. Nag-aamoy luya ka.

Okay na sana eh. Okay na sana…


The Guanapo Linen Dress

How I wish I receive pretty parcels like this more often.


This box is from Seek The Uniq.

I love how companies like them effort in the packaging of their products. It makes you want to order more often from their online store.


Here’s what’s inside the box.


This is the Guanapo Linen Dress and it’s made in India.

The dress is really pretty. Ang lakas maka-donya. It’s nice when worn with wedges or sneakers.

The cloth is linen and the loose silhouette is very forgiving to the figure.

It’s currently sold out but I’m crossing my fingers for you in hopes that they’ll sell this dress again.

This Mom embroidered pouch was also super nice. It’s perfect to use when traveling. Nice to put your accessories or your other personal kikay stuff inside.


For their other products, you can check them all at http://www.seektheuniq.com/

Sombrero Sitcom: Mga Walang Kwentang Usapan

Positive people have negative thoughts too. They just don’t allow those thoughts to control them.” -anonymous

Parang ngayon, ang bigat ko dalhin both literally and figuratively. I feel nega and fat and that is a very bad combination.

I need happy hormones. I can’t find time to exercise kaya siguro may happy hormones withdrawal ako. I need hugs and lambing. Pero sana gusto ko yung kusa. Hindi yung pinipilit pa para lambingin #hugot

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to cry for no reason. I just feel that everything’s plateauing. Is there such a term? Baka okrayin na naman ako ng maganda kong blog troll. Anyway, I felt really sad that I couldn’t find sleep. Parang apart from Anika, wala akong drive about anything.

I’m just PMS-ing maybe. Or I just feel really fat. Or my goiter is messing up my hormones.

But like what the quote said, we should not allow these negative thoughts control ourselves.

Kaya mag-outfit of the day na lang tayo and magSombrero Sitcom in a while.

I like how presko this top is. With the right angle, payat akong tingnan. Lelz.


Top: ZARA Pants: MANGO; Shoes: CMG; Sunglasses: RAYBAN

Tara, I’ll just make kwento about the mga walang kwentang usapan in our family.

One day, Alvin was getting frustrated because I wasn’t minding him. Paano ba naman, ang kulit. He feels that he needs to have eyeglasses already but he doesn’t want to wear one because he feels old wearing them. Paulit ulit siyang ganun. Hindi mo malaman ano gusto talaga. Nagalit.

ALVIN: Bahala ka nga! Ayaw mong maniwala sa akin! Ako na lang mag-isa! Ako na lang mag-isa pupunta sa ENT!




ALVIN: Eyes yung E sa ENT di ba?

Ears teh. Ears yun.


While out shopping with Alvin and Wowa..

ME: OMG look at this dress! Php 1,000 na lang!

ALVIN: Ang mahal! Eto ngang binili kong jacket sa SM Php 500 lang eh.

WOWA and I looked at his jacket.

ME: In fairness hindi mukhang 500 lang ang jacket mo. Mukha siyang mahal.

WOWA: Wala yan sinabi sa binili ko na Bench na jacket! Php 300 lang!

ME: Wow. 300 pesos na Bench? Okay yun Ma.

WOWA: Okay talaga. Hindi mo mahahalata na fake.




ME: Yes?

PINEDA: Ano nga ulit yung shoe store na puros shoes?

ME: Ewan ko sayo mare.


At home..

ALVIN: Matutuwa talaga ako pag-umulan ngayon.

Sumilip ako sa labas.

ME: Uulan yan Babe. Ang dilim sa labas eh.

Alvin looked at me.

ALVIN: Natural madilim! Gabi na kasi eh!

Sorry perfect.


While Anika was washing her hands, I overheard her yaya.

YAYA: Alika na, bestie. Tama na yan.

ANIKA: Hindi mo ako bestie!


FLAME Restaurant At Discovery Primea

I’m lucky because because of this blog, I am able to try new restaurants.

One day, a few days back, I got luckier because I was invited to a launching of the lunch menu of this really good restaurant. It was on the same day when I was in the same building where the restaurant is for a walk through with one of my bosses.

Ka-swerte ko I was having a lunch out in this fantastic new restaurant in town.

I just wish I brought with me my high tech camera. Since I knew I was going straight to the restaurant from work, like super literally, I didn’t bring a good camera. All I had was my iPhone hence the not so nice quality of photos. Nevertheless, even with just my phone camera, the dishes still looked fantastic. Check them out.

This fairly new restaurant is called Flame.

It is a Modern European restaurant located at the 16th floor of Discovery Primea, a luxury hotel in the Makati Business District.

From their press kit:

The newest creation under the partnership of General Manager David Pardo de Ayala and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco, FLAMEtakes its name from the team’s burning passion and desire to create new experiences through food.

FLAME’s dishes combine modern European cuisine with Asian flavors and contemporary culinary techniques to create dishes that tantalize with every taste, texture and touch. Among hte restaurant’s sugbatyre dusges are “Quezo de Bola and Hamon”, inspired by massimo bottura, thePan Roasted Chilean Sea bass, which gets and earthy flavor from shitake mushrooms and a madeira-mushroom broth, the Braised U.S. Short Ribs and the U.S. Black Angus rib eye steak, from the Josper grill.

Upon entering the FLAME restaurant, their majestic centerpiece dubbed as “Living Chandelier” welcomes each guests.


This lighting feature slash restaurant centerpiece was really amazing. Pagnaging donya na ako, I am totally having something like this in my house.

Behind the “Living Chandelier” is their bar stocked with good wine and spirits.


Going deeper inside the restaurant, you will see marbled-top open kitchens…


… and floor to ceiling windows giving the place a lot of light and a 360 degree view of the Makati Skyline.




That day, we were going to try their new lunch menu.

You see, since FLAME opened in June 2015, they only were serving dinner. However, starting last month, they started to open their restaurant for lunch, serving mouth watering dishes.

I got excited when I saw where we were eating.


It was so nice having these big windows all around us. I was imagine how spectacular and romantic it will be in the restaurant during dinner.

We were served warm Sourdough Ciabatta bread with homemade butter (Organic Bukidnon Butter) in olive oil and this salmon appetizer that I cannot spell and pronounce. I later on learned that this was a Salmon Tartare. This appetizer should enhance my palate before the meal. Their Sourdough Ciabatta bread was so good. We were told that customers often order this bread for take out. After eating it, I can understand why.


Next came the Paella “meatballs” with spanish chorizo, piquillo pepper sauce. It was a bit crunchy on the outside but super soft in the inside.



The next dish surprised me. These are pork belly doughnut with butterscotch miso dip and sesame-sugar dust. This was surprisingly delicious. It actually taste like doughnut with liempo!


Their Chilled Seafood Salad was to die for. There were so many flavors and textures. It had baby squid, octopus, shrimp, compressed watermelon and ginger-sesame dressing. I don’t know how they compressed the watermelons but ang galing ng effect! The watermelons were denser and looked brighter. I am going to order this next time.



Another winner in my book was their Chili Lobster Spaghetti. It was too spicy for my taste but albeit that, it was really, really good! I will order it next time but I will request the chef to lessen the chili. This pasta dish came with a lobster head na may laman and fats inside. If hindi lang sosyalan the place, I would have gotten and eaten all the edible stuff inside the Lobster head using my hands! Hahaha!


I had to leave before the main course and muntikan na ako ma-iyak. Haha!

They served the U.S. Beef Tenderloin “Mignonettes”..



… with these different kinds of mustard dips.


Lastly, they served the Salt and Pepper Panna Cotta. I am so curious how pepper and vanilla would taste together. This was not it though. They poured strawberry consomme over it adding more flavor to this unique dessert.


The best part of lunch was when Mr. David Pardo de Ayala, the General Manager of Discovery Primea, told us that the dishes are reasonably priced giving us a price range around Php 1,500 to Php 2,000 per person when you dine.

Dito na kayo mag-date mga bestie.

Hahaha! Naging jologs bigla.

Kidding aside, I highly recommend FLAME Restaurant. It’s perfect for those special occasions and for those time when you want to eat good food with a great view.

FLAME Restaurant
16th Floor Discovery Primea
6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Operating Hours
Lunch: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Mondays to Saturdays

For restaurant reservations, please call Discovery Primea at (63 2) 955-8888 local 71610

Shopping Loot For This Week

I shopped ng konti last week.

First was this made to order wedges from Kara Zapatos. I got it for Php 1,400.


I know, I should have gotten a bigger size. Lumalabas ng konti yung sakong ko. Don’t worry, ganun naman talaga sa umpisa when ordering online: trial and error. Next time, I’ll order in a bigger size. Tiis ganda muna ang peg for this order.

Pero aminin niyo muthers, maganda ano? You should feel the leather, it’s super lambot. Kara Zapatos’s IG account is @karazapatos.

At SM Aura department store, I got this Vanilla scented candle. I’m trying if effective siya. I’ve bought a lot of scented candles and scented oils but I have yet to find one that I would buy again and again. Sana ito na siya.


I had my eyes checked last week. The ophthalmologist said that the grade of my left eye is now 300 while the other eye is 270. I was so surprised because ang taas na. The glasses and contacts that I am using now only has 150 grade. Kamote. I decided to get a new pair of eyeglasses na. Nahihilo na kasi ako everyday.

I went to Eye Society in SM Aura because they were on sale. I got this Coach frame for only 7k. Ang original price niya is 9k plus. I’ll have the lens changed na lang in their branch in SM BF para malapit lang sa amin.


At the SM Aura Department store, I got make up.

I realized that I do not have eye shadows. I don’t use them kasi everyday. Kaso during special events, wala akong magamit so I got the BYS Nude 3. The colors are different from the photo below.


In real life, earth colors yang nasa right side. I got this because eto yung may combi ng matte and sparkly finish. This costs Php 1,199.


I ran out of K-Palette eyebrow tattoo so I got one. My shade is 03. I have tried a lot of different eyebrow make-up pero balik pa din ako ng balik sa K-Palette. It’s the best pa din for me.


I also realized that I do not have a blush on make up.  This is what I got. I forgot how much it is. Parang Php 245 ata.


Lastly, I gave in and bought the Quezo de Bola cheesecake of Cru Kitchen.


I am not surprised why it was awarded the Inquirer Lifestyle 20 best Desserts in 2011. Since 2011 pa nila ito ginagawa and it still is one of their best sellers.

It’s so good. It’s worth the calories. I had it with tea last Saturday night.

Yun lang powhz =)


The Week That Was

It has been raining all week. Due to my experience sa baha the last time it rained so hard, natrau-trauma ako to drive home. I pray and pray na sana the rain would stop and wag na bumaha. Ayoko na maulit yung pinagdaanan ko na yun. Though, if I think about it, ako, somehow, okay lang umuwi ng malakas ang ulan given I have a car. This past week, I thought about each of my staff who commutes going home. Ofcourse kasama na diyan yung ibang mga commuters too. It must be difficult for them talaga. At least ako, I’m dry. Traffic and pagpigil lang ng weewee ang problem. Eh sila? I’ve experienced commuting ng umuulan and I swear sinumpa ko siya. Mabilis pa naman ako maawa sa sarili ko. Hahaha!

Anyway, just like what I said yesterday, please do be careful out there. Alam niyo naman dito sa Pilipinas, pagmay bagyo or malakas ang ulan, they cancel all classes. Mga students lang ang hindi na pinapapasok. All workers gorabelles lahat sa work. Immortal daw kasi tayo.

Make sense.


This week has been a hectic one for me. What’s new? None. But just the same, allow me to tell you about it.

Last Monday, we celebrated my boss’s birthday. I had his cake made by my suki cake maker/baker, Cat of Tazzy Cakes. She’s the best. Nung start, I was telling her that I wanted a hard hat cake. I took photos of my hard hat and sent it to her. Two days before the event, I told her bahala na siya. Forget kako everything that I said. Siya na bahala sa design because she has never failed me ever.

I was so right.


Ganda ano? Cat is the best. Like she will always, always exceed your expectations.

My staff had this important 3 day seminar this week. Yung two days, this week siya ginanap. The third day, this coming Wednesday naman. Apart from work, I was also busy fixing everything for our visa application for our upcoming holiday. We went to the Visa Application Center last Thursday. We were there early and had to wait for Alvin and Ka Lydia so Anika and I were able to have breakfast together.


I did a booboo that day.

Two days before, I scheduled a walkthrough in one of our projects. I scheduled it for August 18. Around 1030am,  after our visa eklaver, when I opened my phone (bawal ang phone inside the VAC), everybody was asking me where I was. OMG. I mistakenly set the walkthrough that Thursday instead of next Thursday!

Mamatay matay ako sa hiya!

I asked one of the managers there to go ahead with the walkthrough without me. It was really super embarrassing because they were all waiting for me. I apologized and apologized. In my 6 years in the company, first time ko magkamali ng ganyan. I swore to myself that it will never happen again. From now on, I will have all my schedules go through my admin assistant para wala na ako makakalimutan. With all the things that’s on my mind, I am bound to forget some stuff. Tao din kasi ako. Nagkakamali din.

Ang drama amp.

Today, I went to one of our projects to check on this new thing my group is implementing and to check on Toots’ unit.

Anika went with me and we had breakfast together. It’s one of my favorite things to do with her.. have breakfast together.


After, we met Alvin, Wowa and Toots in SM Aura. It was rainy so here’s what my unica hija wore:


Jacket: MANGO KIDS; Leggings; H&M KIDS; Shoes: COTTON ON

SM Aura is Pokemon Go heaven. There were so many Pokemons and ang daming nagpasabog ng lure!!! Anika and I loved it there.

Pokemon go kami ng Pokemon Go.


Jacket: NIKE; Skirt: SM DEPARTMENT STORE (bought for only Php 120); Sneakers: KEDS

Si Alvin tumatanda na ata talaga. Ayaw ako tigilan sa mini skirt ko. It never bothered him before.

ALVIN: It’s raining so hard outside and Nanay is in mini skirt.

ME: Haha.

ALVIN: Ang iksi talaga ng palda mo.

ME: I know. Mini skirt kasi talaga siya.

ALVIN: Anika, Nanay’s skirt is too short.

ANIKA: Yes Tatay. Mini skirt nga daw kasi eh.

Babe, let it go.. Let it gooooooo…

We had our late lunch at the Food Court of SM Aura. Wowa likes the Japanese stall there. I like the Yakitori One stall. I got different kinds of barbecued food. Napaka-sarap ng pinangmarinate nila. I read from their website:

We serve our japanese barbecue dipped in our special TARE, a sweet sauce made with mirin, sake, soy sauce and sugar. Each skewer is dipped in the Tare after grilling.


And this salad that I posted in Instagram that I wished was a Banana Split Ice Cream is really delicious too. This is from Craft Salad. I always order the same thing from there: Craft Prawn Ceasar.


Wowa looks like she’s not ageing.


Napagalitan niya ako kanina because my skin looks so bad. I really ought to take care of my skin more if I want to age like her.

Here’s us having merienda at Papermoon Cafe.


We shared their Mille crepe and Anika had their Strawberry Shortcake. Anika loves strawberries so she hogged the cake all to herself. Swerte ka na lang if makakuha ka. Hehe.

So that’s how my week went.

I’ll share my shopping loot in a bit =)