Sara’s Gown and Other Chismis

OMG. This has been in my draft folder since Thursday night! Hindi lang ako makahanap ng time to finish it.

Kahit late na, gusto ko pa din magbigay pugay to Sara Duterte on how she looked last Thursday during her father’s inaugural ceremony.

She looked so beautiful, ano?

I actually have a secret.

Ever since Duterte won (Alvin’s is a huge Duterte supporter), I have been addicted to all chismis about him and his family. Apart from crush na crush ko si Baste Duterte, nakakatuwa kasi sila. It is quite refreshing and amusing to see how simple and very, very down to earth our country’s first family is.

Napuyat ako one night because I was googling everyone in their family.

President Duterte pala was married for 27 years to Elizabeth Zimmerman. Elizabeth Zimmerman has a German grandfather that is why she and her children are tisoy and tisay. Their kids are Paolo (Vice Mayor of Davao), Sara (Mayor of Davao) and Baste (Mayor ng lahat ng mga crush ko). They were annulled in the year 2000.

President Duterte now has a common law wife named, Honeylet Avancena. Honeylet was a beauty queen, a High School valedictorian and a registered nurse. They have a 12 year old daughter named Veronica/Kitty.

Funny because people were asking Duterte paano daw yun. Sino daw ang titira kay Elizabeth Zimmerman and Honeylet Avancena sa Malacanang with him. Lalo ako nacurious. I wanted to know if Elizabeth and Honeylet were okay with each other. I saw kasi one time during the birthday celebration of Elizabeth, President Duterte cancelled some of his plans in Manila to attend his ex-wife’s party.

Ano kaya feeling ni Honeylet about it?

Before the inauguration, inintriga ng press si Honeylet and Elizabeth. The press asked them if it will be uncomfortable for each other to be in one place together. Honeylet said that she and Elizabeth are “civil” to each other. Elizabeth, meanwhile, said that she was feeling “apprehensive”  because of the awkward situations that might happen. She considered asking the Presidential Management Staff to make sure they are seated apart.

I Googled researched more.

It was reported by Rappler that Honeylet and Digong first met each other during the Mutya ng Dabaw function in 1988. Digong must have been so smitten by Honeylet that he gave his college ring to her by the end of the night.

President Duterte and Honeylet have been together for 20 years. So that they started in 1996. Eh Elizabeth filed for annulment in 1998 which was granted in 2000. So may overlap na naganap. Kaya naman pala “apprehensive” si Ms. Elizabeth. You know us women. We can forgive but forgetting is another issue.

Anyway back to Sara Duterte and how she stunned in her blue gown last Thursday. Here’s another photo from Rappler.

Sara Duterte’s gown is very simple but she looked so elegant in it. Pak the royal blue color on her. Ang ganda niya but in the same time, she still looks like she can punch anybody, anytime even while wearing that dress. She is my kind of woman =)

Inday Sara’s gown (and her mother’s) was made by Davao based designer, Silverio Anglacer.

Silverio Anglacer was also the one who made Sara Duterte’s dress when she took her oath as a Mayor of Davao.

Sara knows how to pick her clothes ano? They are all very flattering to her. Ang ganda sa kanya and she can really carry it well.

Punta naman tayo kay Baste and his girlfriend (and mom to his 2 year old son), Kate Necesario.

Kate Necesario was a model and once posed for FHM Magazine.

Baste still looked gwapo during the Inauguration Day. Kaso, for me, I like him more when he looks more rugged.

Here’s what they both wore last Thursday.

Their outfits were made by the Davao Fashion and Design Council.

Okay naman the gown of Kate. Simple. Kaso lang if I were here, I would have chosen to wear something more… umm.. with impact. Parang yung kay Sara. It wasn’t elaborate or intricate pero BOOM! Hellerrrr! Girlfriend lang naman siya ng heartthrob ng buong Pilipinas! Sana um-arrive siya ng more. But that’s just me.

I guess, they are all simple like that. And malamang that is one of her traits that Baste fell for.

It’s just weird bakit binago yung neckline ng dress niya on the day. Check it out here.

So there. I’m glad na-kwento ko na. I was telling Alvin about it pero hindi siya maka-relate he.


Again, I am quite happy that our president and his family are walking the talk. Hindi katulad ng ibang politicians diyan na pang mahirap daw pero hindi naman marunong magcommute. Ang pla-plastic! Natawa ako at first though when I heard that they were going to serve munggo and tinapa at the Inaugural Day. Via Mare naman pala ang nag-cater so okay naman. It’s okay to be simple. Okay yan. Dapat talaga hindi maging frivolous given that we are a third world country. Pasok yan sa “umayon lang ayon sa ganda”. But of course, we can be practical and matipid pero may taste pa din and class at the same time. Meaning, wag naman yung magseserve ng softdrink sa plastic na may straw. Ganown.

I’m feeling positive with our new president. I will be praying for him. His heart is in the right place. Sana supportahan natin siya lahat.

Happy weekend guys!

The Dramarama While I Was Illegally Parked

A few days back, I wore this polo that I got in Japan. Ganito ang outfit of the day photo ko because I couldn’t take a decent picture where I didn’t look pregnant.



Hindi ko nga ma-get how this top can look sexy on a mannequin tapos sa akin mukha siyang maternity top.

Wag niyo na ako sagutin.

Alam ko naman ang sagot. Lol.

Anyway, Anika asked me if I can bring her to school this morning. I said yes but we have to be early because I have to be in one of our projects in Munoz in Quezon City before 8am. Okay daw. It was just supposed to be Drop and Go so I parked sandali dun sa Drop and Go lane.

Anika asked me if I can come down the car with her so I made her hatid sa bench in front lang of my car.

When I was saying goodbye already, ayan na. Kumapit na sa akin ng napaka-higpit. She will miss me so much daw. Hatid ko daw siya sa gate of her classroom.

I was torn. I needed to go plus I was illegally parked.

However, can you say no to this face?


I agreed.

She entwined her fingers with mine.

Kaso when we got to the gate, she started crying.


I never had problems with Anika and her going to school. Never yan umiyak pumasok.

I told her that I will try to pick her up in the afternoon. Iyak pa din ng iyak.

The guard was able to convince her to go na.


But when she got to that part, she turned around and went back to me. She was crying.

Inside, my heart was breaking but I couldn’t let that show.

ME: Sweetheart, why are you crying? Papasok ka na eh.

ANIKA (crying): But I will miss you so much. I just want to be with you.

ME: Ako din naman anak eh. Pero I need to go to work tapos ikaw naman, you need to go to school. Tapos later, we’ll see each other then we’ll have fun at home. Di ba ganun tayo?

ANIKA (still crying): Yes. But I miss you so much when I’m in school. I just want to be with you all the time.

ME: Naku anak. How can you be an artista if you don’t go to school?

Anika’s yaya chimed in..

YAYA: Huhulihin na Anika si Nanay mo nung guard kasi mali parking niya.

Fuzz! Yung kotse ko nga pala!

Buti na lang Anika decided to go to her classroom na. But she was walking sooooo slow. I was just there by the gate because she turns around every now and then. You should see her face whenever she turns around. Ang sakit iwan eh. Outside, I was smiling at her and encouraging her to walk to the classroom. Inside, parang dinudurog yung puso ko. Naaawa ako eh.

The moment she went inside the classroom, I ran to my car.

Ayun na. The security officer just finished clipping my parking violation ticket between the wiper of my car.


I read the ticket and it said warning daw muna. The next violation, I had to pay na Php 500. When I make ulit pa more, they will confiscate all car stickers of the car. Meaning, I would not be able to go inside anymore the school.

Hay buhay.

Balik tayo kay Anika.

Feeling ko dramarama lang ng bagets yun eh. She hears me kasi telling Alvin that her classmates cry when they go to school kasi they miss daw their parents. Her yaya told me naman, Anika cries in the school bus kasi there are students there who are crying.

Gaya-gaya nga.

Ayaw mahuli sa usong drama ang Anika.


I don’t scold her naman. Baka kasi totoo. I remember when I was in Grade 1. There were times talaga that I missed my Papa and Mama when they leave for work. As in may anxiety ako na nararamdaman because I wanted them to be with me. I missed them because they leave for work before I wake up. What I do is that I go na lang to their closet and get one of the clothes. I go to bed and hug their clothes why lying down. I felt like crying but I never cried. I never told my parents that. I don’t know why pero I felt that it was wrong to cry or to tell my parents that I don’t want to go to school because I miss them. I felt that it wasn’t the right thing to do kaya tiniis ko.

Baka ganyan din si Anika pero siya, na-iiyak niya.

Kaya I don’t scold her when she tells me that she feels like crying sometimes in school. I tell her that I understand her but she needs to be strong.

Kanina when I picked her up, I told her that the security guard gave me a ticket. I told her she shouldn’t cry the next time I bring her to school kasi magagalit na yung guard.

Oo daw. Sana mapush niya yan.

Sometimes kasi you need to give them tough love din. Kailangan tumatag ang mga dibdib. It’s very difficult for us, parents, at this time but I am very sure our kids will thank us for that. They need to be strong sa totoong buhay out there.

How’s your kids muthers? Wala namang iyakan ang nagaganap sa umaga?

Moms Make Their Kids Smile With Bibbo! Cheesedog


A couple of weeks back, I shared a video in my Facebook page about this touching advertisement about how mommies would do anything for their kids. Check it out here.

Who can relate to this TVC? Raise your hands!!!


When they said that motherhood can change you, they weren’t kidding back then. When I became a mom, there are so many things that I started doing just for Anika that I can’t imagine doing before she came to my life.  You know naman kids now, there are times that they get scared to try new things. Since I don’t want Anika to miss out on these activities, I do anything I can to motivate her to try. Regardless na yan if I will look silly in the eyes of the madlang people or if that certain activity scares me.

Just like when Anika was a year old. She wanted to go and play in the beach so bad. However, she didn’t want to go unless I go with her. And so I did even though I hated the sun because it worsens my vitiligo. Sulit naman because after that photo was taken, she was happily playing the sand and water na.


Second was during our first trip to Hongkong. Anika wanted to ride the cable car and she didn’t want to do it without me. I am scared of heights which is very evident in the photo below. But look at naman how happy my daughter was.


Third was when we went to Baguio in 2015. Anika wanted to ride the horse but was too scare to do it alone. I jumped on behind her even though I was so scared of falling off the horse. Anika had the time of her life then and that was all that mattered to me even if my bum hurt so bad after that horse ride. Lol.


And lastly, when she wanted to do silly poses at one of the art museums. I had to join in because “she didn’t want to look silly alone”.


That is what we’re here for mommies, right? To love, guide and support our kids even during the scariest and silliest times just so they can experience the best of everything there is. And their smiles are the best reward for us!

How about the delicious hotdogs the kids were eating in the TVC?

Those are the Bibbo! Cheese Hotdogs that now comes in this new cute packaging. It’s the first red cheesedog launched in the Philippines!


Anika and I have always liked eating Bibbo! Hotdogs. Like I said, I always want the best for Anika so when it comes with hotdogs, I get her, of course, the meatiest, juiciest and most delicious hotdog there is. Bibbo! Cheee Hotdogs are perfect for me because it’s very easy to prepare. Fry-fry ka lang and it’s perfect with anything. The Bibbo! Cheese Hotdogs do not need extra sauces because it’s very malasa with its cheesy bits inside it.


These are available at leading supermarkets nationwide.

For more information about the product and to see more recipes you can do with the Bibbo! Cheese Hotdogs, like their Facebook page at

Do Your Kids Have Their Sanicare Hygiene Kits?


Anika’s entering Grade School for the first time this coming school year. I realized that she’s not a baby anymore because we just finished buying her the things she needs for school.

She now has this giant bag with a stroller where she can put all of her books, notebooks and folders. I also got her big girl school shoes. She also now has her lunch box because she will be now eating lunch in the school cafeteria.

We got na everything and then I remembered that I have yet to pack her hygiene kit.

Hygiene kits are very important especially to your kids who are going to school because you will not get to be with them to provide them with the things that they need to stay clean and well, hygienic. Hygiene kits make mommies less worry about their kids not having the right products to use when they are out of the house.

This is why I am very thankful for Sanicare for sending over a Sanicare Hygiene kit for Anika.


This Sanicare hygiene kit is a back to school essential for kids that includes products that can aide us, parents, in making sure our kids have well-maintained hygiene once the school year starts.


One of the things that I love about the Sanicare Hygiene Kit is that it is packed in this simple and portable zipped container that you can easily put in your kids bags. Siksik lang tayo ng siksik nitong kit na ito among our kids’ things. It is packed in a way that you can literally take it with you anywhere.

This Sanicare Hygiene Kit includes a Sanicare upSize tissue roll, Sanicare hankies, Sanicare cleansing wipes and the Sanicare Toilet Seat Cover.


The Sanicare upsize tissue roll is a two ply tissue with new embossed design making it stronger at the same cost. You know how we don’t want to use tissue papers that almost disintegrates mabasa lang ng konti. With the Sanicare tissue roll, you do not need to get plenty because it’s thick and strong. Makakatipid ka compared to the other tissue brands.


A pack of Sanicare hankies is also included. This is unscented which is perfect for Anika when she has colds. She can use this instead of blowing her nose using her cotton handkerchief.


Next is the Sanicare Cleansing Wipes which is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It doesn’t have parabens so it’s safe to use for your kids. It’s diamond pattern embossing makes it strong and it does not tear easily. We actually are already using this at home. Anika and I love its fresh scent. I use this to wipe Anika’s hands before and after eating. I can attest that it’s strong. Hindi siya basta basta napupunit also and you hands feel smoother after using it.


Lastly, which is I am most grateful for that it is included in the set, the Sanicare Hygiene Kit contains a pack of disposable toilet set covers. It’s not yet available in the market but we can get to try it along with the other Sanicare products in the kit.


The toilet seat cover is 100% biodegradable and you can throw it by flushing it in the toilets. I am very particular about Anika not sitting on public toilets. However, she cannot help to sit down if she needs to poop. Good thing may ganito na ang Sanicare. You can now not worry about your kids sitting down on dirty toilet bowls in school. Whew!


I highly suggest mommies that you pack a Sanicare Hygiene Kit in your kids’ school bags this coming school year. Winner siya eh. You can buy these kits in leading groceries and department stores nationwide.

For more information, you can email or you can check out their Facebook page ( and follow them on Instagram at @sanicare_ph.

Baon Sharing: Janice, Maricel and Zoe

As promised here are some of the bento or baon ideas of our fellow mommies:


Cheese and Mayo Sandwich, boiled eggs, oranges and Dutch Mill.



Macaroni, Eggnogs, Nuggets and Dutch Mill

2 Maricel


It’s a Chicken and Cheese sandwich with fresh organic lettuce and kewpie mayonnaise. I use lightly salted chicken breast which I baked and shredded the night before, and multigrain bread from a local bakery. I pair this with pomelo (or any available citrus fruit) for some much needed liquids, since kids always forget to drink enough water at school. 🙄

For snack: Pineapple and papaya slices provide much needed fiber and vitamins.

Processed with Moldiv

“Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.”
Marguerite Duras

I’m Back And With A Poopoo Concern

I’m back!!!

So sorry for the lack of posts. My blog was down for a couple of days. Thank you for everyone who “panicked”. Nakakatuwa talaga kayo! Binobola niyo man ako or not, kinikilig pa din ako with your messages. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I got scared when my blog was inaccessible. I thought my domain name has expired. Masisiraan siguro ako ng bait pagnawala ang blog ko. Grabe this blog. This blog means so much to me na. The Mommy Fleur Blog has six years of my life in it. Malaki puhunan ko dito. Time, effort energy ang ginugol ko here. I want to maintain this blog so Anika can read it when she grows up. Or so that Alvin, Anika, my family and bestfriends have something to read back in case I die early.

Ang morbid pero true.

Osha, good vibes na lang muna.

Here’s one of my favorite tops that I wore to work a couple of days ago:


Top: WILLOW CLOTHING; Pants: Levi’s ; Shoes: CMG

The owner of Willow Clothing is one of my mommy friends. They’re not selling na kasi anymore this top. I told her sana she can sell pa more and in different colors because the top is so nice. It can be like that and then you can gather the sleeves in front so that it becomes a sleeveless top.

Ang taba nga ng utak ng naka-isip ng top na yan.

Ang lakas maka-donya.

Moving forward, so how are your kids in school?

Anika’s doing okay. We just have poopoo incidents in school.

In CSA kasi, in the junior and senior kindergarten building, they have parang nannies there. If a student wants to make poopoo, the school nannies assist them.

Now in grade school, waley na. We were just told to make the kids bring two rolls of tissue paper and a liquid hand soap.

In one of the days of the first week of school, I checked if Anika poo’ed already.

ME: Sweetheart, did you poop na?

ANIKA: Yes Nanay. In school.

ME: Really? Tell me about it.

ANIKA: It was simple actually. I was going to pee but pooped instead. And then I put my panties back on.


ME: You didn’t wash?!

ANIKA: No. It was okay. I didn’t smell naman.


That day, I trained her how to wash after pooping.

This made me think. Kelan ba ako natuto magself-wash after poopling?!

I check her everyday for her poop escapades.

The second one, a school janitress was there to help her. The third one, she did it all by herself.

Marunong na daw siya.


How about you mommies? Trained na sila to wash themselves?


I’ll be putting this post to private in a couple of weeks. Baka sabihin naman ni Anika pinagkakalat ko yung poopoo escapades niya. Hehe.

Our Mini Raclette Party With Oster

Anika and I love cheese. As in we like anything with cheese on it. We grate cheese over bread and ulam. We put cheese on mashed potatoes and even on our rice.

And then, a few days ago, Oster Philippines sent over a Mini Raclette Grill!!!


Do you know what this means?!

Well, nung una, we also did not know.

I posted it in my Instagram and FB account. Arnaiz commented “Mare, you make Raclette with that.”

I googled Raclette and I found out that it involves cheese!!! Wooohoo! It’s like destiny!

I unboxed it and here’s what’s inside:


The Oster Mini Raclette grill measures around 36 x 24 x 12 cm. It’s really small and portable. It includes a removable non-stick grill and four non-stick small pans with handles (which are actually called coupelles). The non-stick coating of the grill and mini pans makes it easy  to clean.

Not only it’s easy to clean, it is also very easy to use.

You just plug it. Turn on the switch. When you want to grill, you wait for around 10 minutes for the grill to heat. Then you put your food on it. And when you want naman to melt cheese for the raclette, you just put the slices of cheese on the pan and wait for it to melt.

Super easy!

Now we know what that means!

We can now throw that perfect house party with Oster Mini Raclette Grill!!!

Don’t you worry mommies because as per our experience with it, safe siya to use. Oster appliances promises performance, durability and versatility.

I again googled what food we can grill and eat for our mini Raclette party.

I got sweet ham and baby tomatoes and skewered them.


I bought two kinds of cheese: a Truffle cheese and an Emmental cheese.


I boiled marbled potatoes. I took out the skin kasi Anika doesn’t eat them.


I also got bread that was crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside.


We are ready for our Raclette parteyyyyy!




The melted cheese is poured over the bread and the potatoes.


Here’s a prettier photo of what was on my plate.


Grabe, so fun pala the Raclette party! Anika and I enjoyed it so much. I plan to invite friends next time. Hehe! Raclette and wine night with the amigas! I have other ideas for the food to grill like sausages, shrimps, mini burgers, bacon wrapped asparagus and a lot, lot more!


I have good news!

I will be giving away one (1) Oster Raclette Mini Grill to a lucky winner!

All you have to do is to follow me in Instagram (@mommyfleur) and repost this photo:


Here’s the link to my photo:

Do not forget to use the hashtags #useOster #OsterEasyHomemadeFresh and #OsterMiniGrill.

Annnnndddd… please do not forget to set your IG profile to public so we can check =)

The winner will be announced on July 3, 2016.

Good luck guys!

The Oster Mini Raclette Grill is available in Anson’s, Landmark, Rustan’s and Coleman Stores. It is also available online in Lazada: 2887648.html

Follow their social media accounts for more details:


Anika’s Piano Recital

Last summer, Anika chose to have piano lessons over voice and dance lessons.

I said fine even though I wanted her to take up voice lessons.

Hayaan daw pumili yung bata, Alvin said.

He bought her an electronic keyboard.

After her lessons, ayaw na daw ni Anika magpiano.

We now have an almost brand new electronic keyboard for sale tuloy.


There are so many rules in attending a recital.

One, bawal ang maingay. Hagikhikan tuloy kami ng hagikhikan quietly ni Sombrero in the corner. Ang harot kasi nun.

Two, you cannot stand up to go to the toilet when someone is performing. You have to wait until they’re done with their piece before you can make wiwi so you have to be strategic in planning it.

Three, performers should be in sunday dresses. I had to Google it because I forgot na what a Sunday dress looks like.

Anika chose to wear this. It’s a dress from Peppermint.


I’ll show you next time the dresses she chose from. Maganda na din ang taste ng anak ko sa clothes. Very good.


Since I’m a stage mom, I was so agit that morning. I was nervous for Anika.

Ay wait. Mas malala pala si Alvin.

Alvin made Anika practice everyday for the last two weeks leading to her recital day. Eh nakatulog kami the night before so we weren’t able to practice. He woke us up very early that morning and made Anika and I sit in front of the piano to practice. Hindi pa kami naghihilamos and nagtoo-toothbrush mag-ina.


Akala mo siya yung tatay ni Regine Velasquez.

Anyway, we were there in the recital room early so we were able to take some photos before the recital started.


Anika’s Lola Lydia also came to show support.


Finally, the program started. Anika was the one who waved the Philippine flag when we stood up to sing Lupang Hinirang. She looked adorable.



Anika was second to perform. She played two pieces that she memorized. Ang galing niya =)


After two hours, they were called one by one to get their certificates.


Thank you Lola for the support!


Thank you Teacher Pam for teaching her =)


And ummmm… Alvin and I do not have a photo with the girl of the moment.


Anyway, congratulations sweetheart! You did a great job!!!

Kids Baon Ideas: Mommy Krisna

One of my long time blog reader, Krisna, shared her baon ideas for her cute little daughter.


Star-shaped Gardenia Bread, fried chicken bits, Peppero and Nilagang Kamote.


Lion’s face: Rice, Chicken Adobo (used Nori for the details)


Little Piggie: Spam, rice, nori, marshmallows, Oreo bite sized cookies, biscuits with Nutella.


Owl – Gardenia Bread for the body, Egg Nog cookies with raisins for the eyes, bananas for the ears and feathers, carrot for the feet and beak.



Corn, boiled egg, Gardenia Bread rolls (with peanut butter spread)

Thanks Krisna for sharing!!!

Do Not Let Your Husband Attend The Parent Orientation Without You

It’s Fridayyyyyyyyyyy! TGIF!!!!

Do you know what this means?!

No waking up tomorrow at an ungodly hour! No baon making na pupungas-pungas pa! No debates with a 6 year old, so early in the morning, why she needs to take a bath because “her teacher will not be able to smell her naman from where she’s sitting “.

Iba na ang panahon ngayon ano?

Before motherhood, it’s TGIF because I can stay up late so I can party and drink. Or it’s TGIF because I can do me-time like salon or spa appointments. Or it’s TGIF because I can do my favorite TV shows marathon as long as I want to in the night.

Hay. How I miss those days. Buti na lang nasulit ko siya ng bonggang bongga.

Anyway, Alvin owes me a nice, expensive bag.

Before I proceed, I wanna show you this outfit I wore a couple of days back.


Dress: H&M; Cover Up: COTTON ON; Sneakers: KEDS

Yung Keds ko nga pala na canvass ano? It’s still dirty and I have yet to bring it to this shoe spa. Next week maybe.

Anyway, here’s the kwento why Alvin owes me a bag.

Our midyear planning sa office coincided with Anika’s Parent Orientation in school. This is the time when her class adviser meets with the parents of the students in the class. I asked to Alvin to attend it. Isama na lang niya si Anika.

On the day of the Parent Orientation, I called them very early in the morning at the house. I was going to check if they’re up na and getting ready to leave because maaga yung orientation.

ME: Babe, have you guys eaten?

ALVIN: Tapos na. Nakabihis na din si Anika.

ME: Good. Wag kayo ma-late ha?


ME: Sige, balitaan mo na lang ako ano napagusapan there.

ALVIN: Oo. Ako bahala. Wag kang mag-alala.

And then we put down the phone.

I’ve known my husband for 22 years. I felt uneasy. Hindi ako mapakali. Something was up.

I called Alvin back.

ME: Babe, wag na wag mo akong ino-nominate na Parent Class Officer ha?! Kilala kita!

ALVIN: Huh? Hindi ha.

I received a text message from him a few minutes before lunch that day. Tapos na yung Parent Orientation.

ALVIN: Vice President ka na.


ME: Anong klaseng pulitika yan?! Paano ako nanalo eh I wasn’t even there?!

ALVIN: Magaling ako eh.

I knew it.

Anika called me when they were in the car na. They put me in speaker phone.

ANIKA: Nanay! You’re the vice president of our class!!!

ME: I know!! Babe, nakaka-inis ka naman eh! Bakit ako?! Kagagawan mo ito lahat! You planned this!!!

ANIKA: Nanay, why are you not happy?! Why are you like that? You’re supposed to be happy!

Even if I was 247 kilometers away from them, I could see Alvin smirking when Anika said that.

ME: Oh! I’m so sorry sweetheart. Of course I’m happy! Yeyyyyy! I’m the vice president!

ANIKA: That’s right!

Piningot ko na lang si Alvin when I got home.

ME: You owe me a bag.

ALVIN: Bag lang pala eh.

ME: An expensive bag. We’ll buy it this weekend. What’s a vice-president without a fantastic bag?

And then he got that worried look on his face.

Buti nga!